PROMPT :: “Tickle me pink” (2023)

Rating: SFW

Words: 200-250 per character

Characters: Demon brothers + MC / Gender/Neutral Reader

Notes: Thank you for the request! I hope you also get tickled pink at this amusing imagine~


Rays of dim sunshine shone from the window of Lucifer’s room, illuminating the two of you sleeping comfortably in each other’s arms.

Your eyes fluttered sleepily as last night’s endeavors with the Avatar of Pride still taking a toll on your body.

Carefully peeling yourself from his warm embrace, you stared at your partner with a gentle gaze. This is the first time you’ve woken up before Lucifer.

Your eyes scanned his beautiful face, that gorgeous toned body that he bares only for you, and… he’s not wearing any shoes.

A sly grin made its way up your lips as you climbed further south of the bed, taking both of his feet to your lap.

“Wakey, wakey, Luci~!” You grinned at his sleeping form, tickling the soles of his feet without mercy.

“AH!” His body bolted up in a sitting position, jerking his feet away from your torturous grasp, “Stop!”

You laugh at the reaction, his feet now hidden under the sheets and his face contorted into an expression of shock he had never really showed you before.

“That’s quite sly of you to pull when I am most vulnerable… I hope you expected punishment.”

Oh no.


Today was an off day for RAD students studying in the topmost floor of the school’s building. Apparently, a succubus has mixed the wrong potion and prompted an explosive blast to almost half of the top floor.

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As a student council officer, Mammon was tasked to estimate the expenses needed to repair the destroyed part of your school. He’s good at counting money, that’s for sure.

“Ah, I ain’t in the mood to do this…” He complained, his body slacked on the sofa beside you, hands intertwined as he claimed to Lucifer upon the arrival of the tasks, ‘I’ve got my hands full.’

You thought of ways to motivate him, and suddenly remembered a fun childhood memory from your neighbours. “Hey Mammon, I remembered a trick to get money easier.”

“Oh, yeah? Is it like your human pyramid-scheme type of thing?”

“I’ll teach you if you promise me that you’ll do the estimates now.”

He rolled his eyes and grinned at you, “Alright, goody two-shoes, let’s hear it.”

You let go of his hand that intertwined with yours. He whined in complaint but immediately shut up when you held it firmly, turning up his palm. In an instant, you began circling random patterns–


“Promise me you’ll start–”



If someone ever comes in Leviathan’s room, you’re very much aware that any of his brothers wouldn’t question the whims of their eccentric otaku of a brother. This is Levi, after all.

You sighed in amusement, seeing the Avatar of Envy trying his best to fit in a large-sized women’s maid outfit.

He had the A-line skirt fitted snug by his hips. You didn’t tell him it’s for the waist; the view is far too delicious—

“Ah, don’t wiggle too much, Levi. You’ll rip the top.”

“Fitting in these clothes, I can’t.” He dramatically enunciated. The frilly maid is top stuck by his midriff, with none of the fabric wanting to adjust to his size, “Rating this zero out of five in Akuzon, I will!”

“Wait, let me…” You held the sides of the top and tried to shuffle him in, only to be met by failure. “It’s no use.”

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“Help me out! FML, I give up!” The purple-haired demon groaned in annoyance. You can tell he’s on the verge of losing every bit of his sanity.

With his torso halfway exposed to your view, the temptation of tickling him is far too enticing. “Okay,” You casually said, hiding your malicious intent to your companion.

“WHA-!” He exclaimed in surprise as your hands made its way to tickle him by his midriff, “AHAHAHAH! NO, AHAHA! STOP! HEY—WE’RE GONNA WRECK SOMETHING–!”


Oh shit.



“Alright, be very silent.” Satan whispered to you with a mischievous smile, an index finger placed by his lips as emphasis to his statement.



“Whoops.” You smiled sheepishly, watching him crawl towards the front of the sofa. There lies your target, a sleeping Belphegor hugging his beloved cow-print pillow.

The mission was to tickle Belphie and take a picture of his face, then exposing the unflattering photo in the family group chat. That is… the mission that Satan knew.

You crawled after the Avatar of Wrath silently, trying your best to not laugh at the true mission that was about to commence. The blonde kneeled before his youngest brother with a grin, “Ready?”

“Ready…!” You answered, pretending to hold up your phone so you can take the picture. “One..!”

“Two…” He lifted his hands, wiggling them animatedly so as to prepare himself for the merciless mission, “Three—AHAHAHAHHA! WHAAHAHAT!?”

You had pounced on him with a devilish smirk. “BELPHIE, GO!” The ‘sleeping’ demon turned to the two of you and took the picture.

Within an instant, it was sent to the group chat – a picture of Satan blushing and laughing wildly as you were tickling him by his sides.

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From whatever force of nature that has got Asmo into working out, you’re sure as hell you’re not happy with it. You were dragged to the gym unceremoniously, after all.

“Asmo, I’m dying!” You griped, legs giving up at the treadmill, “I’m only here for five minutes and I’m dying!”

“Oh hush, lovely~!” He waved, shamelessly taking several selfies of himself by the mirror.

“Have you even started your regimen?”

“I will in a bit, dear!” The Avatar of Lust distractedly answered you as he kept his focus on himself. “Does it excite you to see me all sweaty and out of breath? Because if you so desire, you may–”

“Nope!” You covered your beloved ears, “I’m not listeningggg~”

The peach-haired demon laughed at your reply, now moving on to the other equipment in the gym to take more pictures.

He’ll definitely tag that as #HealthyLifestyle in Devilgram knowing that he’ll probably use it for one minute and then leave.

As revenge for him dragging you out your bed to accompany him to the gym, you sneaked behind him and blew a warm breath by his nape.

“A-Ah~!” He moaned at the sensation, hand now hiding his nape from your sudden attack, “That tickle…”

“That’s your punishment–”

Oh shit, wrong wording.

“Oh, Master, you excite me!”


Upon the request of the House’s general consensus, mostly Beelzebub, you have been tasked to create your favourite dish from the human world and try to make it into a Devildom fusion food.

You were in the kitchen with the Avatar of Gluttony himself, cracking several harpy eggs to create the said dish. Beel was seated by the counter table, helping you by passing the eggs to you.

(Video) 005: Box of Personality

“What’s the dish called?”

“It’s a simple omelet but we’re making it special.” You smiled at him, “I’ve had this when I was in Korea.”

“You’re making a tornado in the kitchen?” Beel asked you curiously, eyes intent on how you prepare the food. Either he wants to learn or he’s eager to eat the meal.

“We’re making the omelet look like a twisted tornado.”

The ginger-haired demon nodded at your explanation, wiping his mouth before his saliva drools over your other ingredients.

Speaking of eggs, you were reminded of a fun little prank taught to you by your classmates.

“Hey, Beel, imagine this is an egg,” You curled your fingers together into an oval shape, then tapped it on his knee three times, “Tap tap tap, it’s a strong egg!”

You tapped once again, “Tap– oh shoot! It cracked!” Slowly, you spread your fingers open, your nails grazing his knee.

Beel chuckled at the weird sensation, endeared by your childish humour, “Ahaha, that’s ticklish!”


Sitting beside Belphie at class is always a treat. He’s very silent, often times he’s just asleep. Compared to when Mammon or Asmo is seated beside you, you can never focus at class with their random chatter.

The subject today is Hypnotism, Spells and Potions. Something exactly out of the Harrison Porter books!

You were writing notes with your feather quill, making sure that the important details are listed so you won’t forget them once the professor asks you to demonstrate it in class.

Beside you, the Avatar of Sloth was nodding off, his head bobbing up and down and his arms crossed. The professor confiscated his pillow for the time being because it was not allowed in class, much to his dismay (he still fell asleep, though).

“Belphie, wake up…” You whispered to him, nudging him with your elbows slightly, “The teacher will see you.”

No response.

A bright idea crossed your mind and tickled his nose with your quill’s feather, “Belphie, wake up~”

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His nose twitched at your attempt, slapping the feather away. You continued to do so until the raven-haired demon’s eye flutter open.

“Ah, I’m at class.” Belphie rubbed the sleep from his eyes, “I was dreaming that a bird was trying to get in my nose…”

I wonder why.


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