Inunaki Village - The Cursed Japanese Village | The Horror Story Of The Mysterious Inunaki Village | Is It Real Or Not? (2023)

There is a village in Japan where the voices of people screaming are always kept on hearing, and where if a person has gone accidentally, disappeared forever, as the villagers usually kill him ruthlessly. The stories of this village have been published in many newspapers in Japan but in reality, it is very difficult to find this village because it is not present on any Japan's map. Today in this article, we will get to know in detail about the cursed Inunaki Village and know how much truth is there in the stories of this village.

Inunaki Village - The Cursed Japanese Village | The Horror Story Of The Mysterious Inunaki Village | Is It Real Or Not? (1)

Inunaki is a village in Japan that is considered cursed by people and is also counted as one of the most haunted places there.It is said that if you are going through the old Inunaki tunnel then a short way from there leads to the Inunaki village and since this path is quite small and hidden, it is quite difficult to find it.At the entrance of the village, you will find a signboard on which it is clearly written that the Japanese constitution and laws do not apply beyond this point.Moving a little further, you will find a broken-down house, in front of which are the remains of a couple's dead bodies who were unfortunate enough to enter the village and never return. If you still go further, you will find many such deadly traps that will kill you, and if you still manage to escape further, then you will have to face the people of this deadly town who will catch you and brutallykill you.

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But all the people in Inunaki village are considered dead and here only their evil spirits are wandering, who do not like any visitor to enter this village.This village is isolated from the outside world and its existence always remains in doubt.In a movie called Howling Village, it is told that by entering Inunaki village, people go through a time portal so that they reach the time when the village actually existed.A very famous anecdote related to the theory of the Inunaki tunnel being a time portal is of a person who first told people about this village in detail.So it was in 1999 when a Tele-Networking company from Japan received a letter from an anonymous person, titled "The Village in Japan That Isn’t Part of Japan."Whatever was described about Inunaki in this letter is still alive as a legend of Inunaki village exactly as we know it today.Now, who had sent this letter, why and from where it was sent, no one has been able to find out nor has anyone been aware of it.

Inunaki Village - The Cursed Japanese Village | The Horror Story Of The Mysterious Inunaki Village | Is It Real Or Not? (2)

It was only clear to the people that the writings used in this letter were similar to the old Japanese scriptures and about an anonymous person who went into detail about the path leading to Inunaki village.According to him, a small path goes through the Inunaki tunnel, which gets even shorter as it moves further.At the end of it, there is a village that does not exist on maps and where there is also a signboard which we have discussed earlier.Now after crossing this signboard, one can enter the Inunaki village.Through this letter, the person has also stated that the villagers of Inunaki are insane and they always continue to perform some kind of rituals.They do not like it at all that anyone can enter their village and therefore they do not let any visitor remain alive after coming here. He had also requested the TV channel to investigate it as soon as possible to know its reality and warn others to never go there.


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Now many questions also arose on who was that person who knew so much about Inunaki, does it mean that the person came from the Inunaki village. It is also said that in the old times, the people who used to live in this area were started to considered as attackers by the other communities, and gradually the people of the Inunaki community were forced to live on the outskirts of the town.After which those people started living together in a village called Inunaki and gradually they became violent, after which they did not allow people of any other community to enter their area.Today, the place where Inunaki is tried to spot can actually be found underwater, because a dam has been constructed on that spot.And if there ever was an Inunaki village here, now it is submerged in water.

Now according to another story related to this village, there is a telephone booth near the Inunaki bridge on which a call comes from Inunaki village at exactly 2 o'clock every night, and whoever answers that call, the way to this village automatically opens for them.Death is certain after going to this village and even if someone comes back from there alive, ​he surely returns being cursed from there. Due to this curse, a person loses control of his body and mind and eventually dies. Now in the Howling Village movie, Inunaki is described as a village whose people were tortured a lot and were killed.But in reality, the belief which is most famous about Inunaki is that the people of this village actually started worshiping evil entities and because of this the land of Inunaki became cursed.

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They had completely lost control over themselves, and they used to sacrifice their visitors to the devil when they accidentally came to their village, and according to many stories, they used to eat them as well.They had thrown those dead bodies on the Inunaki tunnel so that others would not try to enter this village fearing it.But people still keep searching for this village due to their curiosity and explore the area around the Inunaki tunnel. Now, these are all prevalent stories, but now we will try to know how the rumors of the Inunaki tunnel and Inunaki bridge started spreading.

So the clearest clarification of this we get from an incident in 1988, in fact, in 1988 a local gang group in Fukuchi town kidnapped a factory worker and murdered him a few days later.Now they threw away his dead body near the tunnel of Inunaki, and as this tunnel was based on a remote location, this place had become a spot of dead bodies disposal for many such gangs.Until 2000, countless dead bodies were continuously thrown here, after which the police sealed the entrance of this tunnel.

Now, where this news spread like a shock among people, on the other side, some people started to believe that the police is hiding something from them and hence they have sealed this tunnel.Now though the police sealed this tunnel for the protection of the people, but still some people started making their own theories related to it, after which many people went inside the sealed tunnel to find out the truth.

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Now as far as the existence of Inunaki is concerned, a logical proof about this is that around 1691 a real village named Inunaki existed which merged with a nearby village Yoshikawa in 1889.Now over the years, Yoshikawa merged once again with Miyawaka City and hence there are no records of it in maps.

Now many people believe that the stories of Inunaki village are nothing but self-proclaimed stories and on the other hand, many people associate it with the time portal and the conspiracy of the government. And to find out the reality, many explorers keep visiting this place, due to which it has become even more famous.As far as the Inunaki curse is concerned, there is no solid proof that the people whose death is being connected by the Inunaki curse have ever visited the Inunaki tunnel or not.As long as the village of Inunaki is associated with the theories of conspiracy, its legends will remain alive among the people in the same way. It also seems that the stories spoken about the Inunaki village and villagers are self-made and perhaps no such village exists in reality.But what is the actual truth, no one knows.


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