I’M YOUR BEST FRIEND pt.1» shoto todoroki (2023)

CHARACTERS: Shoto Todorokix reader

SUMMARY: in which todoroki ends up in a fight with a villain with a mysterious quirk. no one thinks much of the fight afterwards, except for when one little revelation is made: he has no idea who you are.

WARNINGS: angst, fluff

WORDS: 3141



V/N=villain’s name

bakugou version

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Life after UA was interesting. Despite having attended the elite school in the hero program, you had also chosen to go to college after graduating. You had plans on being a pro-hero still, but you also wanted a back up in case making it pro didn’t work out for you.

Plus, you had other passions in your life anyways.

So, when your pro hero friends had asked you if you wanted to be their roommates, you were surprised to say the least. Nonetheless, you had moved into a condo with five of your best friends from high school: Izuku Midoriya, Ochako Uraraka, Tsuyu Asui, Tenya Iida, and your absolute best friend: Shoto Todoroki.

It kind of felt a lot like the time in high school when all of class 1A got dispatched to Nabu Island. Except, this time, at a smaller scale. The other five were always busy, coming home at late hours, leaving early, or suddenly rushing out when they got a call. That was the life for a pro-hero, while you stayed in the apartment studying for exams and going to cute coffee shops whenever it got too hectic at home.

Despite that hecticness, most times you got to spend time at home with your friends, or somehow Todoroki would find which coffee shop you decided to go to for studying and sit with you on his breaks from patrol.


Being roommates meant inevitable arguments and fights. It always made you uneasy to be upset with one of your friends before they left for work because who knew what would happen to them while they’re out being heroes.

But this time, in an argument with Todoroki, he left before you even had the chance to make up. It was a petty little argument over you eating the last of the instant soba, but it didn’t matter. He was upset and left for his life-endangering job before you could apologize and make it up to him.

So, you watched TV with a gut wrenching knot in your stomach as a news channel reported on a fight that broke out between pro-hero Shoto and some villain named V/N. You hadn’t been able to pinpoint a specific quirk the villain had, but they were standing their own against Todoroki with brute strength.

Relief overcame you when the villain fled, leaving Todoroki still standing. He may not have won the battle or stopped the villain, but you were glad he made it out alive.


You cooked dinner, making cold soba since it was Todoroki’s favorite. You thought it would be a good idea to tell him good job but also apologize by making him the homemade version of the meal that got him upset in the first place.

That boy and his soba…. you thought to yourself, chuckling and shaking your head.

It was one of those rare times when everyone was home in time for dinner. As the rest of your friends and housemates made it home, you all patiently waited for Todoroki, who was the last to arrive due to having to go to the hospital for his injuries.


When he came home, his eyes immediately fell to you. You smiled, about to get up to talk to him when he brushed past, going towards Midoriya instead.

You huffed. He almost died, and he still wants to be petty over instant soba?

“Someone made soba?” he questioned, looking at the table.

“Yeah, Y/N did,” Ochako said cheerily, putting her hands together as she looked tentatively between you and Todoroki.

His eyes were on you once again, and he seemed as if he was assessing you.

“Thank you,” he said, and you were about to smile when he added,“Uraraka’s friend.”

Everyone stopped in their tracks, looking at the red and white haired boy as if he was crazy. Angrily, you stood up and began to walk towards your bedroom that you shared with Tsu and Ochako.

“Stop being an asshole over instant soba, Sho!” you yelled behind yourself, slamming the door shut.

“Um… Todoroki, that was kinda harsh, don’t you think?” Midoriya asked sheepishly, scratching the back of his hand.

Todoroki stood there confused, blinking a few times.

“I am very lost right now,” he admitted.“Why is that girl so angry with me?”

“Probably because you keep acting like you don’t know who she is, ribbit,” Tsu said, her pointer finger to her lips as she spoke.

“Am I supposed to know who she is?” Todoroki asked.“I do believe this is my first time meeting her.”

“Huuh?” everyone chorused, staring at him like he had a second head.

“Okay, how hard did that villain hit you?” Iida questioned, standing up from his seat to grab Torodoki’s shoulders and examine him for any missed head injuries.“You seem physically fine, but you’ve definitely got some sort of brain trauma to forget L/N of all people.”


Todoroki was just getting more confused as time progressed.

“Y/N L/N, ya know, your best friend since high school?” Iida added, and it was Todoroki’s turn to look at him like he was crazy.

“We need to take him to the police,” Midoriya voiced. “There’s something wrong if he’s only forgotten one person. It’s gotta be V/N’s quirk! No one knows what it is, perhaps he did something to Todoroki’s head.”

“My head is fine,” Todoroki defended himself.

“Trust us,” Ochako said, putting a hand on his shoulder comfortingly.“Something is seriously wrong with your head if you can’t even recognize your best friend.”

“My best friend?” Todoroki questioned.“Guys, seriously, I don’t know who that girl is!”

“We’ll take him down to the station, can you two calm down L/N and explain the situation to her?” Iida asked the two girls.

They both nodded, and the boys took the very reluctant Todoroki to find some answers.


“But amnesia doesn’t work that way, guys,” you said, shaking your head.

“That’s why we don’t think it’s amnesia,” Tsu said.

“Yeah, Deku thinks V/N’s quirk made him forget you, not memory loss from the battle,” Ochako explained, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.“Todoroki isn’t mad at you over soba, he seriously doesn’t even recognize you.”

Sitting there trying to process the situation, you couldn’t help but make a joke to make yourself feel better.

“Y’know,” you said, laying down on your head with a sigh.“I’d prefer him being mad at me over instant soba right about now.”


Investigations began, the police and other pro heros attempting to find V/N so they could figure out what his quirk was. There was one important question going on in your mind: if this person could make Todoroki forget someone, why was it you that he had forgotten? Out of everyone? Why not Deku or Iida, or his siblings, or his parents?

Why was it you?

The next few days after the revelation that Todoroki no longer remembered who you were was difficult. Things you’d normally share with him was put on the back burner since you noticed his uncomfortable expression whenever you spoke to him. Your coffeeshop study sessions got boring without him stopping by to distract you from your school work.

You hadn’t even realized how dull your life was without your Todoroki in it.

And the worst part of it all? You were helplessly in love with your best friend, and while the pain of knowing that’s all you’d ever be used to hurt, it was better than feeling like he was a complete stranger.

All of your friends knew about your crush on the young Pro—they’d had known since high school. So, when the news that he no longer remembered you came out, they all felt more sympathetic for you than for the boy without his memories.

Because ignorance was bliss. He got to merely be confused, but his life wasn’t exactly shaken up. No, not like yours. You had to bare the pain of the memories while he had no idea what he was even missing.


Todoroki had kept his distance from you ever since he lost his memories. It was hard for both of you: for you to be away from him, and for him to see someone in pain because of him.

He sat in his room, listening to the soft music playing from your room as he finally brought himself to look at the photos and journals he had in his room. Frames full of photos of the both of you, a pinboard with photos including you pinned up. There you were on birthdays, at festivals, during holidays, smiling next to him. There was random pictures of the two of you at some cafe he knew was down the street, one he knew you went to a lot to study.

He opened one of his journals, flipping through the pages for any indicator as to why you.

But if anyone asked your friends, they were almost certain they could guess at what the quirk was.


“Isn’t it obvious?” Bakugo Katsuki said, sitting on his couch with his friends: Mina Ashido, Eijirou Kirishima, Denki Kaminari, Kyoka Jirou, and Hanta Sero.

“Isn’t what obvious?” Eijirou asked, blinking a few times at the blond.

“That issue going on with IcyHot and *insert of nickname Bakugo would call u here*,” he said.“It’s so painstakingly obvious why he only forgot that girl.”

“What do you mean?” Kaminari asked.

“Are you both dense?” Bakugo questioned, quirking an eyebrow up at them. He looked to the others, before letting his eyes settle on the two girls of the group.“You two get it, right?”

“Yeah,” Mina sighed, shaking her head softly.

“I’ve even talked to Yaomomo and Ochako about it,” nodded Kyoka.“There’s no way Todoroki didn’t have feelings for her.”

“Wait, what?!” exclaimed Kirishima.“How did we possibly get here?”

“C’mon, what’s the one thing that could set Y/N apart from literally anyone else?” Bakugo asked.

There was a moment of silence, as if the entire BakuSquad had a moment of realization.

“Well, shit,” Sero chuckled.


Todoroki looked at the journal entries, his handwriting etched against the papers but no remembrance of writing it.

“Y/N??? did something??? and it made me feel something??? cannot explain, kinda don’t like it, kinda wanna feel it again.”

“She stole my clothes today. Was I upset about it? Not really.”

Todoroki furrowed his eyebrows at the messages he left, and opened a new notebook to try to map out his thoughts.

“Y/N L/N » roommate?? Best friend?? Why are a lot of my old journal entries about her? Why her? Why is all this surrouding her? Just who was she?”


“Hey,” you said the next morning, walking out of your bedroom to find Todoroki in the kitchen.

He had a coffee mug in his hand, leaning against the counter. He looked as if he hadn’t gotten any sleep, his eyes drooping.

“You okay?” you asked, walking next to him to pour yourself some of the brewed coffee.

“Couldn’t sleep,” he shrugged.

“When do you think you’ll be okay’ed to go back to work?” you wondered, silently hating how awkward this small talk felt.

“Not sure,” he shrugged.“Hopefully soon. I want to find V/N.”

“I don’t want you going anywhere near him,” you muttered immediately, looking away.

“I need to find them.”

“No, you don’t!” you yelled, looking up at him with an emotion he couldn’t pin point, but his body was urging him forward, yelling at him to ease the pain he could see behind your eyes.

“What?” he questioned, frozen in his spot.“Why are you so mad for?”

“Why am I mad?” you asked in a whisper before scoffing, putting the mug down.“Maybe because the last time you fought them, you almost died and then forgot me, so sorry Shoto if I don’t want to see you fight them again!”

“How else am I supposed to remember you if I don’t find out how to reverse this?”

“What good would reversing this be if you die in the process?” you spat back, walking away.“I can’t with this conversation. I have a midterm today.”


Todoroki went back to his room, opening his blank journal.

“Y/N got mad at me today. It almost felt as if my body remembered her when my mind didn’t, wanting to hold her and tell her everything was going to be okay. i somehow knew if I were to hug her, she’d like it when I played with her hair and hummed, but I fought back the urges to do so.”

He opened an old journal, reading through some more of the journals.

He got to a page that had a photo tucked into it. It was of you, a polaroid it seemed of you in a yukata, walking through a festival. It seemed to be caught off guard. You weren’t even looking at him.

He read the entry that went with it.

“Isn’t she just the loveliest person you’ve ever seen?”

Wait, what?

Was he… no there’s no way, right? There was absolutely no way that Shoto Todoroki had been… in love with the girl he called his best friend, is there?

But there it was, in his handwriting, a proclamation of your beauty. A photo secretly tucked into his diary.

He aggressively flipped through more and more entries.

“Why did it make me feel so angry when she told me her classmate asked her out? Why did I feel so relieved when she told me she turned him down because she and I had plans? Why was I panicked at the thought of them rescheduling it to another day?”

“Why is she so pretty?”

“She gets along so well with my family.”

“She is my family.”

He sat back in his seat, exhausted.

He had been in love with Y/N L/N.


So, he did what any sane person would do, or so he assumed.

And the avoiding you got more intense.

Just when you were feeling up to trying to rebuild the friendship, you noticed a shift in the air. He no longer stared at you when you walked into a room like he was trying to figure you out. Now, attention was diverted or he’d leave the room altogether. He no longer participated in the small talk you would try to spark with him, instead give vague answers until you eventually stopped trying to keep the conversation going.

“I can’t possible have emotions,” he told himself, justifying his actions even if he watched the pain in your face every time.

He knew he was in no place to be catching feelings for anyone. He had his goals ahead of him, and plus, his opinion on love got tainted after he watched his parents go downhill. He always told himself that the last thing he needed in his life was romance, so what had it been about you that had the old him so drawn in.

But he realized soon, what it was about you.

It was the way you didn’t relent. It was the way you started to push harder at the walls, gates, and barriers he kept trying to put up. You casually stopped letting the small talk fade out, and kept pressing. You stopped letting him divert his attention or leave the room if you were present.


“Shoto!” you had called out, skipping as you followed him to his room.

You acted as if everything was airy, but it panged at your heart every time he turned his back to you. So, you decided you wouldn’t let him.

He didn’t necessarily kick you out of him room, just tried to… well, close the door in your face. But you had caught it before it slammed, letting yourself in.

“So, I was thinking, we should start doing things to try and get your memories of me back,” you decided, plopping down on the bean bag chair you had forced him to buy months ago in order to make his bedroom“more fun”.

“Huh?” he asked, looking up at you in confusion as he sat down.“That’s almost impossible. You heard what the doctors said.”

“Screw the doctors!” you responded, throwing your hands up in exasperation.“Generations ago quirks weren’t even a thing and no one could figure out how they began, so what are they to know about whether we can get your memories of me back or not.”

“Where would we even start?” he asked, genuinely curious what your ideas were. It had been two months since he lost his memories, and this was the most you had been pushing for him to remember.

“We could recreate some of them,” you said, clapping your hands together.“I can walk you though all of the fun things we did together.”

“There’s no way you remember all of it,” he shook his head, looking away in disinterest of your crazy idea.

“You’d be surprised, Sho,” you said softly, and he looked at you weird because of the tone of your voice.“But since you’re so doubtful, you’re lucky I have it all documented.”

“Excuse me?”

“I journal,” you said, turning your head to the side dumbfoundedly, but you had to remind yourself that he really did remember nothing about you. You pointed at his journals.“I’m the one who got you into it.”

He stared at the stack on his desk, the ones filled to the brim with his random ramblings about you, before and after his memory loss.

“Anyways,” you said suspiciously, unable to decipher the weird look on his face.“I’ve been journalling daily since high school, so I think I can put together post of the important events of our lives together.”

He stiffened at the words“lives together.” You guys didn’t have a life together, he refused to admit it. But he couldn’t help but realize how cute you were, sitting across from him on a bean bag chair there was no way he purchased for himself, talking passionately and loudly. It almost made him angry.

You picked up on the sigh he thought he had suppressed, the way his eyebrows knit together in frustration. A knot built at the bottom of your stomach.

“Unless…” you started, looking away.“Unless you don’t want your memories back?”

Todoroki looked up at you, stunned by your question. You lips opened to say something, but they closed again at the silence ringing through yours ears.

“I see,” you said, looking away from him. You stood up, making for the exit.“Sorry for wasting your time, Todoroki-san.”

His chest tightened almost as much as yours as the shift of names. He heard a sniffle before his door slammed shut, and you barely made it a door down to your room before the tears came pouring down.


and here’s the anticipated todoroki version since everyone loved the one i wrote about bakugou. this is only part one, i wanted to get it out tonight since i have to wake up for my DL test in 6 hours, so enjoy this cliffhanger.

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