heated argument ( s. todoroki x reader ) (2022)

a nightmare after an argument is sucks and make you all sweaty shit . thanks to his quirk , he didn’t feel too hot or too cold during night . not that he need extra heater or blanket either . but you in his arm , it’s radiating some kind of warmth that he couldn’t explain with words . it’s feel something cozy , feels like a victory

warning(s) : mention of insecurity , mention of divorce , mention of kid’s injury , mention of cheating ( but no one did , I swear.. ) rumors , hint of anxiety/panic attack , misunderstood , both aged up for plot & pro hero Shoto , more to descriptive writing and established relationship

genre : angst to fluff/comfort

pairing(s) : s. todoroki x gn reader

a/n : sorry ! this one was rewrite because i accidentally deleted the first one. not much changed though thankfully i wrote down the main plots on my notes , but yea :) enjoy nonetheless !!

as always, here’s my masterlist <3

(Video) [ASMR] Argument with Shoto | Jealous Todoroki x Listener (Audio Roleplay)
heated argument ( s. todoroki x reader ) (1)

Originally posted by ackernen

Shoto Todoroki. He’s a type of guy who loves his personal space all the time especially at night, but he also want to give his s/o their own personal space. With that being said, he also down bad for cuddles. Like, he literally could cuddle the life outta you anytime unless he was in mission. It’s just tonight not the time. Not because he hates your or anything, it’s just…

Your mom always said to settle down anything before you fall asleep. You wouldn’t know if you’re going to awake tomorrow. Same goes of telling your loved one how much you love and appreciate them. However, thing aren’t always goes as planned. You weren’t suppose to go to the bed while things still heated up. Not in a sexual way, more to argument way. With both of you with your own career and stuff, there must a stupid rumor that going around. Not like it’s uncommon and sure, he did assure you whenever he heard some stupid rumor or whenever he saw the uneasy looks on your face. Though sometimes you couldn’t help than overthink what if the rumor going to be true someday.

Wasn’t he better off than with you anyway? He’ll gonna be a better hero without you, right?

Too bad this issue become the first reason of what happen between both of you. He’s right after all, who wouldn’t snapped after a really long tiring day at agency plus facing and encountering villain throughout the day, not to mention the piles of paperwork, hoping to come back to home and greeted with comfort but instead of warm hugs, you were doubting his feeling towards you?

(Video) Rejecting his kiss (1/2) ∙ Todoroki x y/n ∙ MHA Text Story (‼NSFW)

You could’ve wait - or at least - for tomorrow, maybe during his free time. But you’re so stubborn for your own good sometimes. If only you just wait for tomorrow, you wouldn’t go to sleep with tears on your eyes and a nightmare plaguing you.

God, it’s sounds cliché, maybe it’s sounds dramatic but you couldn’t deny it. Just only if you wait ‘till tomorrow, you wouldn’t saw Shoto kissing Yaoyorozu on the alley back on his agency building. It’s feel so real that you couldn’t state the difference. It’s feel like a sign for you that you’re not good enough, maybe you ran into someone who have a truth quirk or something? You tried to reason with yourself, like it’s a demon playing cards on you, revealing your biggest insecurity. The way that he kissed her lips oh-so-lovingly struck your heart like Kaminari’s highest volt.

Truth to be told, you’ve lost track of time in the bathroom, but at least the cold water somehow easing your anxiety away, even for a moment. Even though as a result your finger feel numb and somehow wrinkly after exposed to water for too long, it was worth it than going back to sleep. But your stubborn-head talking shit about you should’ve go to bed without solving these and another part of you saying “ maybe it was true, no wonder that he might cheat with a partner like you someday, ” and damn again, it hits on you differently.

You wanted to cry, to let it out but it’s so hard. IIt’s feel like there’s no more tears left to cry, feels like nothing worth it to cry at the moment, like you’re gonna feel suffocated if you’re going to cry. Yet you were gripping on the sink so hard that your hands turn slightly red, and your body were shaking from the thoughts violently. Come to think of it, how can you compete with a pretty human in this universe as far as like Yaoyorozu? She filled everything that you lack of. But even so, there must have a valid reason why would Shoto’s cheat on you, right?

As if you deserve an explanation, oh dear.

A muffled voice come from your back calling out your name, and the next word you can hear was “ what’s wrong, baby? ” along with soft touch on your shoulder, and the mirror reflecting his attractive figure. “ Sorry, did uh did I wake you up? you must be tired, sorry. ” You tried to smile to him, as if he didn’t heard you gasped lightly as you wake up beside him.

(Video) Maki vs. Naoya. | The Honored Ones Podcast Episode #29

As if he didn’t feel how you were tossing around in your sleep, how you get out of the bed with tears stained on the pillow’s sheet, how you tip toeing on the bathroom so discreetly as if you’re afraid he’s going to be mad at you.

“ Mmm no, but are you okay? ” He look sleepy but can you sense how bad he want to hold you, placing his chin on your shoulder like he always do but all he can do is lightly squeezing your shoulder? You decided it would be more appropriate if you continue the conversation outside the bathroom, so you told him and agree to do so.

“ So um, you can continue to sleep if you want. I’m not feeling like doing so right now, ” he hums softly, however clearly dissatisfied with your answer. “ I’m sorry for what happen earlier, if that was the reason why you don’t want to go to bed with me. it was clearly my fault, and I know I should’ve talk with you about it nicely than snapping my anger out to you. my apologize, ” you nodded as a sing for him to continue, and the next words come out from his mouth is just..

“ It just something happen today. There was a low ranked villain around and manage to snatch the kid. We did save him, however he’s heavily injured and not really a good sight to see, ” and honestly, you were taken aback with his answer. “ Oh, Sho, I’m sorry too. But it wasn’t your fault honestly, it was mine. A-and you did a good job of saving the kid, and at least he’s safe from the cruel fate, right? ” you, without thinking of anything, slowly touching his hand in reassuring way, and his forehead now resting on yours.

You just break the last string, and thinking of it make you feel overwhelm all of the sudden. Shit could have been worse, what if he couldn’t save the kid? Does he going to divorce you on the spot? He noticed the slight change on your eyes and on your touch - being observant people he is - he quietly guide you to the bed.

“ Does… does something happen at your workplace? or are you probably uhm having a nightmare? ” He looks to your eye with soft look, and who are you to lie? “ Well, no and uh yes. But nothing brutal happen, I swear! Not like yours at least. Now uh, you need your beauty sleep, so-” “-you trust me, right? ”

(Video) Boyfriend is Tired of Arguing- [MFA] [Yukon ASMR]

And yes, you did. that’s why he’s holding you close to him right now, his arm wrapped around your waist comfortably. “ Sorry, love. Didn’t know you’re feeling that way, but you know that you’re so much better that I’m not willing to trade with anything else, right? I’ll be fool if I’m cheating behind you then. If I ever did something, I’m pretty sure I’ll always owe you an explanation, because you deserve one. ”

His lips lingering around your neck, and his finger mindlessly tracing your back. He was sleepy, you know that. But he’s not going to sleep with this shit still continue hovering around your head. “ You know, you’re all I need for in my life. Look at your eyes, it’s never cease to amaze me, ” now his lovely gaze diverted to yours, “ your lips, it’s so soft that I’m not regret having my first kiss on it, ” he added with soft giggles, “ and your hands, it’s perfectly fit into mine, ” while his free hand now caressing yours.

“ Universe really created us for each other, isn’t it? ”

You giggled to his thoughts, and clearly unbothered by his vulnerable state. It’s good to see now that he’s actually here, somewhat giving more comfort than you actually need. It might be cold, so cold without him before. But now, all you can feel is warm and cozy.

“ Mhmm, sorry for doubting myself, but you really should sleep right now, ” he nodded along before adding, “ but there’s nothing to be apologize about, don’t think too much about it, okay? ” His right hand pulling you close to him, loving the feels of your body warmth on him, no matter which side you want to sleep on.

In fact, he love holding you on his arm, it feels like he’s protecting you, and he hopes he also did the same thing with your negative thoughts. He might not be able to be on your side every time, but he cherished every moment he able to be with you. Of course he’s not regretting any of it, and he knows that marrying you was his bests decision he ever made and wasn’t a mistake.

(Video) Arguments with...| {BNHA ASMR FANFICTION READING}|Multi-Character x Listener

He loves you, and he’s going to say it again that he loves everything about you. No matter what happen, nothing can tear both of you apart. Parting is such a sweet sorrow but none of you could take that, and never ever think of it. Let alone the death that gonna part both of you away.

“ I love you, and I’ll always do. Good night, baby, sweet dreams, okay? ” he said while planting sweet pecks on your forehead, the last thing you heard before you fall to your peaceful slumber slowly. And this time, the dream full with mint scent and his lovely presence.


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