Cuddle The Sadness Away (2023)

Cuddle The Sadness Away (1)

A/N: I’M SORRY YOU’VE BEEN FEELING SO DOWN LATELY! I love you, Gingy💜💜💜💜! Alright, so always eager to write more Midoriya stuff, tbh. Here’s your request!

Warnings: Angst, Soft Izuku

Pairing: Midoriya x Reader

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Cuddle The Sadness Away (2)

Midoriya opened the apartment door and shut it after entering. He locked the door and then paused. There was no sound coming from the kitchen, where you would normally be at this time. The TV in the Living Room wasn’t on, meaning you weren’t in there either. He blinked and looked at the clock on the wall as he slipped his shoes off. Did they go out? He wondered. He frowned, his eyes sliding to the bar in the kitchen for a not you would’ve left him upon your leaving.

When he found no note, he felt worry spark in him almost immediately. He entered the apartment further, checking the Living Room and Kitchen first. You weren’t in either, but he spotted the bedroom door, which was normally open, closed. He moved and walked over to it, knocking lightly. You paused from your spot on the bed, where you’d been laying.

Your day had been pretty boring. You hadn’t done much aside from go grocery shopping and then return home afterwards. However, though your day was uneventful, you found yourself feeling a little down. You weren’t sure why, but it was like something inside you….was making you sad. You didn’t want to cook dinner that night, like you always did. You didn’t want to sit up and read, or work on the pile of paperwork that had been stacking up over the past week. You didn’t want to do anything–you just wanted to lay there and sleep for an eternity.

“Y/N?”Midoriya asked. You back was to the door where you were laying. Midoriya frowned. Laying down…Are they tired? Or sick?You stayed silent as he entered the room.“Are you feeling alright?”

“Hm? Yeah…”You lied. You didn’t turn around. You knew Midoriya would see it on your face when you lied to him. You stared in front of yourself at the window where the curtains were slightly parted. Midoriya blinked at you.

“Are you sure?” You frowned.

“I’m fine…” Midoriya paused. Fine? You were“fine”? He knew very well that whenever you said you were“fine” you definitely weren’t. If you were, you would’ve said something else like“good” or“alright”. Midoriya was fast in moving and sitting beside you on the bed. You were surprised as his hand slid over your forehead, brushing back some of your hair.“What are you–”

“Checking for a fever.”

“A fever? I’m not sick–”

“Then what’s wrong?” You turned to look at him. His hand slid off your forehead.“Come on, you can tell me anything.”

“How are you so sure something’s wrong?”You murmured. He grinned at you softly.

“I can always tell when something’s up with you. I care about you a lot, so I can sense when you need me or need my help,”Midoriya told you. You felt your chest warm slightly. You looked away from him and sighed. Midoriya moved, reaching out and gently sliding the back of his hand over your cheek.“Come on, what’s the matter?” You closed your eyes at his touch. You opened your eyes after a moment and looked up at him. You gazed at him silently, admiring his freckled face, and his green eyes. You looked down after a moment.

“The problem is…I don’t know…”You murmured. Midoriya blinked at you. Your brows pinched together.“Yesterday I was alright…I felt alright. But today…” Midoriya stayed quiet, letting you explain what was going on. You swallowed.“I’m not sure…I just feel…” Midoriya gazed at you silently. You shook your head.“Nothing…never mind, it doesn’t matter.” You turned back over.

“What? No, come on, Y/N. I just want to help you. Tell me what’s wrong…” His hand gently brushed your arm. You sighed.

“I just feel….down…”


“Yeah.” After a moment of silence, Midoriya blinking as he tried to figure out exactly what you could mean, you turned and looked back at him. You frowned.“See, I knew you wouldn’t get it…”

“What? No, I just…I’m not sure what you mean,”Midoriya murmured. He gave you a serious look.“I want to help, I just need to understand what’s wrong.”

“Well…like I said. I feel–”

“Down, I know, but I mean…”He trailed off. You hummed and moved, rolling over to look at him.

“I just…don’t feel good. I feel sad, Izu…I don’t want to do anything,”You told him. He paused as you said the word“sad”. You looked down.“I’m not sure what’s wrong…I just–”

“Well if you feel sad, move over,”Midoriya told you quickly. Before you could protest, he was scooting you over on the bed.


“There we go,”Midoriya spoke as he finished adjusting your positions. He had pulled you to him, his arms wrapped around you and your face pressed to his chest. You blinked in surprise a little. Midoriya moved, sliding his fingers in your hair.“Now. This should help.”

“What? Izu, I don’t understand–”

“I’m going to cuddle your sad away.” You paused. You blinked and looked up at him in surprise. He beamed down at you happily.“I don’t ever like hearing you’re sad or seeing that you’re sad. So, I’ll cuddle you until it goes away.” You felt your heart warm a little at his comment. You huffed and moved, looking back at his chest. He hummed and pulled you closer, closing his eyes as he pressed close to you. The two of you laid there for a moment before you felt the same hollowness inside of yourself that had been there before. You looked down, your brows pinching together.

“Izuku, I don’t think this is going to work. I still feel…” Midoriya frowned. You sighed and looked away. “I don’t know…I just…there’s a lot that I realize I need to fix about myself.”

“Fix about yourself?”

“Yeah…like…my appearance, and maybe my personality–”

“There is nothing wrong with you or your personality. You’re perfect to me,”Midoriya told you. You pulled away giving him a distressed look.

“But there’s not anything in this world that’s truly perfect–”

“But you are.” Midoriya moved, gently pressing his hand to your cheek. You closed your eyes at his touch. He slid his thumb over your cheek.“I love everything about you–from your hair, to your heart. All of it. There’s nothing about you I don’t like.” You opened your eyes, giving him a sad look.

“You say that but I just…I still feel…”You trailed off. Midoriya gave you a sad look. He hated this for you. He didn’t want you to be sad about anything. He wanted you to be happy, and smiling like you always were. He wanted you to be joking around and laughing. He couldn’t stand to see you like this.

“Then I’ll throw in a few kisses too,”Midoriya told you. You paused.

“What?” His lips pressed to the crown of your hair, surprising you. You huffed at him. “Izu–” He moved, kissing your forehead. Midoriya slid and pressed soft kisses all over your face–from your nose, to your cheeks, and even over your jaw. After a moment, he slid and gently pressed his lips to yours. You closed your eyes, pausing at the kiss before sinking into it. When he finally pulled away, you gave him a surprised look, feeling your face was warm from his actions. He moved, sliding and gently stroking your cheek with his fingers.“Izuku…”

“I’m right here, Y/N. And I’m not going anywhere. Like I said….I’ll cuddle and kiss your sadness away.” You felt a strange pull in your chest, bringing warm tears to your eyes. You moved and buried your face in his chest, hiding yourself. He wrapped his arms around you, holding you still.“I won’t leave you.”

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