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After seeing the footage, I realized how easily they were able to eradicate that base.

Despite the base was being composed of recently recruited individuals, the power disparity was obvious, as no one from the first-year special class students was seen struggling against the Zerix's faction members.

And I don't think I need to watch the second footage to figure out how their attack went, as the second team is made up of huge powerhouses like Livia, Erina, and Claude, along with some other strong individuals.

However, in my opinion, the three of them alone would have been sufficient to thoroughly destroy that base, which is comprised of students with average strength.

"I'm curious how long it took them to clear that base, as even I haven't watched the next team's attack footage yet," Diana said before starting the footage.

And as Diana began to play the next footage, I came out of my thoughts and focused my attention on the screen.


Camera Footage [2]!~

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The screen opens with a team of Livia, Lucas, Erina, and others approaching the base that was somewhere on the outskirts, seeming ready for battle.

The camera follows Livia as she walks alone and casually toward the entrance, her eyes examining the students guarding it.

The guards appear frightened, as they immediately recognised her.

But before they could even react, Livia without uttering a word, raises her hand and the camera focuses on a huge orb of ice forming in her palm.

As she flings the massive ice orb forward, the entrance door was destroyed, and the guards who were standing in front of the entrance to guard it were all sent flying and are seen being knocked unconscious by her single attack.

Thudle!– (Door destroyed)


The noise alerted the members inside and they were seen rushing outside to stop the intruders.

The camera cuts to Lucas, who instantly charges forward with his spear, taking out multiple enemies with swift and precise strikes.

The camera then shifts to Erina as she moves quickly and stealthily through the base, her dagger flashing in the dim light as she takes out enemies one by one.

As they fight their way deeper into the base, the team encounters stronger enemies, but they work together to take them down.

Livia uses her ice magic to slow them down, making it easier for Lucas and Erina to strike. Lucas uses his spear to keep the enemies at bay, while Erina uses her dagger to knock them off.

However, it was evident that Livia was trying to suppress her strength.

The camera pans to the base's leader, a male elf with a bow who is spotted hiding. He unleashes a rain of arrows upon the team, but Livia steps forward, her hand raised.

The camera again focuses on a small orb of ice forming in her palm, growing larger and larger until it becomes a massive blast of ice, engulfing the entire area and even freezing the elf in place.


The camera shifts to focus on Livia, who is approaching the frozen elf who was hiding behind the pillar.

She extends her hand and casts the spell, which was needless given that the elf was already frozen.

"Frostbite." She muttered.

A blue light surrounds the frozen elf, and his body starts to freeze even more, becoming stiff and immobile. And the frozen elf falls to the ground, unconscious.

The camera then pans out to show the reactions of Erina, Lucas, and other team members, who appear shocked.

The defeated elf is shown lying on the ground, his eyes turned white and body still encased in ice from the effects of the spell.

However, Livia abruptly turned toward the camera and tossed an ice crystal at it.

Scheeeeee!— (Camera lost connection)


Diana muttered under her breath, disregarding the fact that her camera had been destroyed by Livia. "They cleared the base in less than 10 minutes?"

That did not surprise me, as Livia was seen controlling her strength and trying to work with others, otherwise, the base would have been cleared much sooner.

"It seems she is practicing to work with others, for the upcoming tournament," I stated.

Diana, however, was displeased. "It was evident she was doing her hardest to hold back, but don't you think casting that spell on an already frozen elf was a bit too much?"

I shook my head. "...Nope, that elf should be glad that he is not seriously injured, because based on what I knew about Livia, she would have shattered several bones and hospitalized him for not putting up a fight and wasting her time," I said with a chuckle.

Diana remained silent for a brief period before scoffing. "If she is that confident in her prowess, she could have gone directly to Zerix's base and dealt with him and his faction members on her own."

I leaned back in my chair. "I'm sure she would have done that if you had told her the location of Zerix's base," I remarked.

Diana's expression shifted to a grin. "Well, she can't do that anymore because she's no longer at the academy," she informed.

I raised my eyebrows in perplexity before asking. "Hmm, Why? Where did she go?"

"She was summoned by the king of Demetria kingdom, her father, for I don't know what reason, ...but there is a rumor going around that she was summoned because her father fixed her engagement with someone," Diana explained, still grinning.

"...Oh, her engagement is already arranged?" I let out a nonchalant sigh and spoke.

I was well aware of the person she would be engaged with.

'If the plot would have progressed naturally, their relationship would have somewhat worked out in the end, but now I can just pity that poor guy as I don't know what Livia will do to get rid of him.

...Because she is already obsessed with me.' As I was thinking this, a large grin emerged on my face.


Diana was taken aback by my lack of concern.

"You don't seem bothered by that, aren't you curious about who that guy is with whom Livia will be engaged?" Diana asked.

"Oh, do you know who that guy is?" I pretended to be interested.

"No, but-" Diana was about to say something, but when she heard me, she halted in her sentence.

"Well, I am just happy for her," I remarked as I yawned.

Diana was left speechless when she heard me, as it was now well-known all around the academy that Livia likes me.

And here I am, behaving as if I didn't know anything about it.

It's not that I want to, but for my future goals, I had no choice but to act in this manner.

'...S-So he's like the novel's dense protagonists, huh? I had no idea boys like that existed in real life as well,' Diana thought inwardly, yet she had a large smile on her face as if she had come up with an idea.

'She's so predictable,' I wondered as I noticed her smile.

Meanwhile, Iretheil stared at me for a moment but didn't say anything, as if she was now used to it.

"Anyway, how did Zerix react to the destruction of his two bases?" I inquired abruptly.

"O-Oh, he was beyond outraged after hearing the news of his bases being raided, and is planning on ambushing Erina today," Diana answered quickly, her cheerful smile still obvious.

"...Is that so? Could you be more specific about his ambush?" With a smile, I asked, my fingers intertwined.


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