Cloud Nine /// Shoto x Male Reader (18+) (2023)

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Cloud Nine /// Shoto x Male Reader (18+) (1)

Rating: Explicit

Summary: When you go to the club with your friend Mina all you wanted was a fun night out. Never could you have imagined a lust drug getting slipped into your drink. Now you have a choice, risk death or have sex with your Pro Hero Ex

Word count: 10k+

Warnings/tags: Soft Dom Shoto, Praise, Explicit sexual content, Overstimulation, Oral sex (receiving), Use of Lust Potion, He/Him pronouns, All characters are adults, SMUT 18+ Only

TW: Reader is slipped a drug by a creepy date (Not Shoto) if this topic is triggering please avoid this story!


“No Mina, I don’t need to get back out there. Being in a relationship is exhausting, I am perfectly happy being single, in fact, I’ve never been happier.”

“I call bullshit,” She declared. “You have been moping around ever since you broke up with him. I mean look around, we are in a club filled to the brink with eligible singles, and instead of flirting you are sitting at the bar drinking,” She lifted your glass to her nose and sniffed, “A sex on the beach.”

She gave you a look of disapproval, “You should be having sex on the beach right now. Instead for some god-forsaken reason, you break off the engagement and now you are sitting here with me in a bar. But sure, keep telling yourself that you are happy.”

“Mina!” You yell. “This conversation is over if you want me to even consider flirting with someone.”

She put her pink hands up in surrender, “Alright, alright, I concede. For now.”

You roll your eyes and mumble a quick, “Thank you.” There was no way you were ever going to have that conversation, let alone with Mina. You loved your friend, but she wasn’t exactly known for keeping her mouth shut.

“However, don’t think I am letting you off the hook for free. My silence comes with a price,” Her lips turned up into a devilish smirk.

“What did you do?” You ask, not sure if you really want to know the answer.

“Nothing bad so stop looking at me like that. All I did was set you up a date with one of the policemen I met on the scene the other day.”

You suck in a deep breath to stop yourself from wrapping your hands around your only friends’ neck and squeezing. It took a few more deep breaths for the urge to kill calmed enough for guilt to set in. Mina was one of the most popular heroes in Japan and instead of spending her time partying with the social elite of Tokyo, she spent weeks helping piece you back together after you broke off the engagement, never once pressuring you for answers.

You sigh in defeat, “When?”

Mina’s face flushed a deep pink, “Well about that, I may have texted him an hour ago telling him we were going out and that you were super excited to meet him.”

And just like that your guilt evaporated, “Mina are you crazy!”

“What, he’s really cute and excited to meet you, he said he’s been drawn to you ever since he saw your picture on tv isn’t that romantic.” Mina’s eyes sparkled with excitement.

“What if he is a serial killer?” You shriek.

Mina waved her hand at your concern, “Please, Kenta is a policeman who has been on the force for over two years and has worked alongside many heroes.”

“That sounds like a great cover story for a serial killer,” You lift your drink and finish off the rest of it.

“Oh, come on, do you think I would let you go on a date with a serial killer? I’ve already done a background check on him and nothing popped up. He’s lived in Tokyo for two years in a mid-size apartment with one parking spot. He has a pet dog named Coco and his favorite hero is All Might.”

“He sounds bland,” You argue back weakly.

“He sounds safe,” Mina rested her arm onto your shoulder. “I gave you time to lick your wounds, it’s time to start moving on with your life. You deserve to be happy. I don’t even care if you blow off Kenta halfway through the night and we go home and eat ice cream, I just want you to start trying again.”

“Fine, but I’m not making any promises.”

She happily nods her head, “That’s all I ask!” She started to dance to herself.

You ignore her gloating dance and scan the small crowd at the club. For a Saturday night the club wasn’t as packed as you would have imagined. It seems the recent villain activity had succeeded in scaring people from going out. You don’t blame them, the only time you ever left your house anymore was when Mina came to drag you out kicking and screaming.

“When is he supposed to get here?” You ask, turning back to face Mina.

“He should be here any minute.”

“Alright, then I’m going to go to the bathroom and clean up.” You turn to leave, “you stay here and save our seats,” You add quickly before she could get out of the booth.

“Are you sure, it’s not that crowded I’m sure if someone took our spot we could find another one,” Mina asks, her eyes full of concern.

“Yeah, I’ll just be a few minutes, plus we wouldn’t want Kenta to think we ditched him.” You reassured before sliding out of the booth seat to wobble to the well-lit bathroom. It wasn’t exactly the best smelling place but it was the only place in this club where you could find some privacy away from the nosey eyes of the crowd.

You stand in front of the small sink and stare at your face in the mirror. Mina was right, you looked ridden hard and put away wet. You turn on the water and let the cool water run over the skin of your hands. Maybe this date wasn’t the worst idea, you couldn’t stay single forever. You try to think positively, maybe Kenta could be good for you.

You force yourself back into the open air of the club, needing to get another drink before you talk to any man. Slipping through the small crowd on the dance floor you could make out the bar like a beacon of light.

“Hey, there you are. Mina was starting to get worried.” A ridiculously preppy voice said from behind you. Before you could turn around, the owner jumped out from behind you face you, a wide smile plastered on his face.

“Oh, um, you must be Kenta?” You guess, reaching out your hand to greet him.

“That’s me!” His warm clammy palm engulfed you and shook up and down. “It’s so nice to finally meet you, Mina has told me so much about you but she failed to mention how beautiful you are.”

“Oh, thank you,” You mumble awkwardly before pulling your hand free.

“No problem, I like to say it as I see it. I’m so glad you agreed to meet with me tonight, I know dating must be hard after that brutal breakup of yours,” He said, his brown eyes full of pity.

You grimace “Yeah it’s not been fun.”

“I mean the whole world practically wanted your head on a spike those first few weeks after the news broke on the breakup. Some of the guys at work even made a betting pool to see how long before you would go crawling back to him begging for forgiveness, but I told all of them that you guys were done and sure enough I was right. I can’t wait to go and tell them you agreed to go on a date with me, they won’t be able to believe you agreed to go on a date with me!”

“Neither can I,” You say to yourself, good god you are never going on a date with someone Mina chooses again. So much for thinking positively.

“Do you want anything to drink?”

“That would be great thank you,” You would need more than one measly sex on the beach to get through this date.

He claps your hand in his again and walks towards the bar in the middle of the club. He slouches his arm over the wooden counter and pulls out his card. The bartender walked over and looked expectantly at him.

“Can I have a rum and coke,” He looks at you and whispers, “what would you like?”

“I’ll have the same,” You say to the waiting bartender, who then set off to make the drinks.

Kenta turns and gives you a huge smile, “You like rum and coke too! I can’t believe I’ve found a boy who likes rum and coke, normally the people I talk to here just want a sex on the beach or something like that.”

You could feel your eye twitch but managed to bite your tongue and instead look over your shoulder to see where Mina had disappeared to, the traitor. “Here you are,” A drink appears in your vision instead. You grab the cool glass and lift the drink to your mouth not bothering to even look at it, you need more booze in you to handle another word from his mouth.

You down the smooth beverage in only a few gulps, it was mostly ice. You grimace as the alcohol burns your throat more than normal, damn they must have been using some cheap rum here.

“Wow, you must have been really thirsty, do you want another one?”

“No thanks, one was plenty,” How strong was that drink, you blew out a huff of air as the club lights began to grow blurry. You shake your head, damn your tolerance must have taken a hit these last few weeks.

“In that case do you want to go dance?” His brown eyes shined with hope.

“Yeah, sure.” You agree reluctantly. You set your glass down onto the epoxy covered counter and follow his lead to the crowd on the dance floor. In the small crowd you could make out flashes of pink hair, You felt a wave of relief flush through you, at least help was only a yell away.

Kenta wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you in until your chest touched his. His hips swayed with the pounding beat of the music and you slowly followed suit.

His head leans down to your ear, “You’re way hotter in person.”

Charming you thought to yourself. Oh well, not like you were going to fuck him. Before he could open his mouth again you reach your arms around his neck and pull him close to your body, better make this convincing if you wanted to get Mina off your back.

The faces in the crowd all began to blur, their unique features disappearing into skin tone blobs. You suck in air trying to cool off, your chest feeling like you have swallowed burning water.

Damn, it was hot in here, sweat began to drip down your forehead and onto your chest. You push yourself away from Kenta’s warm body, the close contact too hot. Maybe you should have gotten water instead of more alcohol.

A gentle hand under your chin lifted your head, Kenta’s wide brown eyes met yours. “Hey, are you ok, do you need some fresh air?”

“I don’t feel so good, could you go find Mina please,” You shake your head free of his hold before the world grew even more blurry. The burn in your chest started to spread down your stomach. The uncomfortable warmth now grows even hotter.

“Let’s get you out of here first then I can go find her, just follow me,” Before you could answer he wraps his arm around your waist and pushes you along, off the dance floor towards the exit.

“Hey, is he alright?” The deep worried voice of the large bounder asks, his face contorted with worry.

“Yeah, I think he just needs some fresh air, you know how light weights can get,” Kenta tells the guard as though he has known you forever. The guard bends over to look at your sweaty face now contorted in pain.

“Are you sure, he looks like he may have been drugged,” The bounder steps in front of Kenta, his large beefy frame blocking the exit door.

Kenta reached into his back pocket with his free hand and pulled out a thin folded black wallet. He lifted the wallet revealing a shiny gold badge. “Don’t worry, if he has been drugged, I’ll be able to get him help.”

The bounder lifted his hands in surrender, “Alright, I’m just making sure he gets home safe.” The bouncer’s eyes never left you as Kenta dragged you pat him into the cool night air. The sound of cars was slightly muffled as your ears were still ringing from the loud music inside.

He keeps going until you are out past the overcast of the building’s entrance to step into the light drizzle of rain. You look up to the dull sky, the city light blocking out any starlight from being seen.

You lift your drooped head to peer over at Kenta’s bright phone, the uber app pulled up.

“Hey,” you argue weakly. “I want Mina.”

“I know, I know. Once I order this uber I’ll call her ok.” He confirmed his ride on the app and then dialed a few numbers.

“There, happy now.” The phone rang for a few seconds before going to voicemail.

“Call her again,” You beg, she would know what to do.

“I told you I’ll call in a few minutes, just relax.” He grabs a tiny box from his front pocket and pops open the top, “Here have a mint.”

You wave your hand, “I don’t want a mint, I want Mina!”

His grip on your waist tightened “Don’t be so difficult, just take the mint and relax, the uber will be here any minute.”

“Stop telling me to relax!” You yell as tears begin to fill your eyes.

A strong hand reached around and clamped down on your face, strong fingers dug into your cheeks as he forced you to open your mouth. One long finger slipped past your parted lips, the tip tastings oversweet, just like the drink earlier.

You try to bite down on the invading finger but the pressure from his hand kept your mouth open long enough for his finger to escape.

“Looks like the first dose wasn’t enough for you huh, don’t worry this time it should work on you just fine.”

“What the hell did you do to me!” You screech, the rush of fear giving you enough strength to escape his brutal hold.

“If you hadn’t been such a fucking tease I wouldn’t have needed to do that. All you men are the same, you go out dressed like that and then act surprised when men want to take you home. You should be grateful someone like me is even willing to go out with someone with morals as loose are yours.”

Tears were pouring out of your eyes as the pain from earlier multiplied, the burning spreading from your center to the tips of your fingers. It was as though you were cooking from the inside out.

“Please, make it stop,” You beg before your legs give out from under you.

He leaned down, his face the only thing you could focus on, “Don’t worry, when I get you home, I’ll give you the antidote over and over again.”

“What the fuck!” You hear a familiar deep voice roar behind you. Gentle hands slid under your shoulders pulling you out of Kenta’s hold into a warm and cold body.

“Well, well if it isn’t the number three hero,” Kenta smirked. “I don’t appreciate you manhandling my date, why don’t you give him back to me and go about your night.”

“From what I saw he wasn’t enjoying your company, in fact, I distinctly remember him asking you to stop,” Shoto growled.

“Oh that, we were just playing. He likes it a little rough if you know what I mean.”

Your lip curls up in disgust, but the burn in your chest made talking impossible.

“No, I don’t know what you mean, why don’t you explain it to me.” You could hear ice begin to grow on the pavement below cooling the air around you.

“I’m his date, we were just about to go back to my place when you so rudely interrupted.” Kenta stuck his hand out towards you. “Come on sweetheart let’s get you back home.”

Your mouth dropped open in shock at the audacity this man had. The strong fingers wrapped around each of your arms tightened before he pushed your body away from his and carefully set you down onto the ground.

The ice covering the rest of the pavement grew larger as Shoto closed the gap between him and Kenta in one stride. He grabbed the front of Kenta’s bleak white shirt and lifted his feet off the ground. “He is not going anywhere with you.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t be too sure of that, in a few minutes he’ll be begging to go home with me.” Kenta smiled up at Shoto, “I don’t know why you’re so angry, didn’t the bitch over there break your heart? You should be thanking me.”

Shoto let out a dry laugh, “Thanking you, what did you do to him?”

“Oh, you don’t recognize the symptoms. Someone has been a bad hero.” Kenta looked over to your crumpled body, lust blazing in his black eyes. “He has euphoria in his system.”

Shoto’s left side began to light, “How much did you give him?”

“Hey, calm down man,” Kenta wiggled pathetically to try and escape from the growing heat “I only gave him two pills, all he needs is a good fuck and he will be fine.”

Shoto threw Kenta to the ground, “Are you trying to kill him!” He yelled. “One pill can be enough to kill someone and you gave him two!”

“As I said, just give him to me and-“ his sentence was cut short by Shoto’s boot connecting with his jaw, knocking him out cold.

His blazing blue eyes turn back to look at you.

“Oh my god, what happened!” Mina yelled from behind you. She lowered herself to the ground, her soft pink hands gently supported your head off the pavement and into her lap.

“The man over there drugged him, I was able to stop him from taking him home, why weren’t you watching him better!” Shoto’s voice cracked as he looked down at your weak from on the ground. You had never felt more pathetic in your life.

“I trusted Kenta, I worked with him on scenes before, I even did a background check on him.” Mina cried out, her cool tears landing gently on your cheek. Tears filled your own eyes, you wanted more than anything to be able to comfort your friend.

Shoto lowered himself to his knees. “I’m sorry, it’s not anyone’s fault but his. Right now, we need to call an ambulance, if what he said is true, he doesn’t have long before the other effects will start to kick in.”

Wait, what did she mean by other effects? While Shoto talked to the ambulance you tried to think back to the news story warning about the rise in euphoria drugging’s. It causes mild to severe discomfort, burning pain, and then, and then. God, what else will this drug do to you.

“They are going to ask,” Shoto cleared his throat. “They are going to ask if he has anyone to help him through this.”

Mina opened her mouth to speak but you lifted your arm and shove your hand over Mina’s big mouth ignoring the pain moving caused. Mina looked down at your face, you shook your head back and forth. The last thing you needed was Shoto knowing how pathetic you were.

Mina stared down at you, you could see the battle waging in her eyes, “Shoto, could you give us a minute, I need to talk with him.”

His eyes locked onto yours, the deep blue full of worry. “I’ll be just over there if you need anything.” He stood up to his full height and walked over to the entrance of the club.

You lower your hand back to your face to shield yourself from the embarrassment, “Why?” You finally ask, “Why would they need to know if I’m seeing someone.”

Silence filled the night air; you lowered your arm to peek at Mina, her face flushed a deep pink. She sucked in a deep breath, “Euphoria was created to help those with schizophrenia by reducing the levels of dopamine in the body. But in the drug trials, it was found to cause severe pain in humans, those in the trial described it feeling like they were being cooked. But the pain only lasted for the first thirty minutes of so.”

Mina looked down, her black eyes full of tears, “and after those thirty minutes the test subjects began to feel what they could only describe as insatiable lust. They begged the staff members to have sex with them for days.”

Horror filled your body, “You can’t be serious?”

Mina nodded solemnly, “It wasn’t until one of the wives of the subjects was allowed to help their spouse that researchers saw any improvement in their condition. The black market heard about this and decided that it sounded like the perfect date rape drug. They figured if they could get someone to beg for sex it wouldn’t be rape.”

“Can’t I just, take care of myself?” You ask, your face flaming with embarrassment.

Mina shook her head, “You will be rabid with lust, you won’t be able to think clearly enough to do anything, maybe the hospital can sedate you,” She said with little hope.

“What happened to the subjects who didn’t have someone help them through it?”

Mina’s tears began to freely fall and land on your cheek, “Their heart’s failed.”

“What do you mean their heart’s failed, how can their heart just fail?” You yell, panic growing as the pain starts to fade.

“The drug put too large of a strain on the heart, with no relief it became too much for their hearts to handle.”

“What does sex have to do with any of this,” You could feel your chest tighten, each breath now a conscious effort.

Mina shrugged weakly, “They think the natural dopamine produced counteracts the effects of the drug.”

The once burning pain now became a dull ache, letting you finally start to think clearly, “Let me get this straight, either I have sex with someone, or I might die.”

Mina nodded, “Pretty much.”

“This can’t be happening,” You choke back tears. “What am I going to do, I don’t want to fuck a stranger?”

Mina bit her bottom lip, she looked up and stared. You follow her gaze to see Shoto standing by the security guard working to keep bystanders from getting too close. His black hero uniform was tight against his skin. It was torture to know what that uniform hid beneath it.

You scoff, “You can’t be serious, he would never say yes to something like this.”

Mina’s face tightened, “I don’t know who else you could ask. Maybe I could see if Kirishima would be willing to-”

“I’m not fucking you boyfriend Mina.” You cut her off, “I would never do that to you.”

“Well I’m not going to sit here and watch you die!” Mina sobbed. “What kind of best friend would that make me if I let my friend die because I was jealous. This is all my fault in the first place I set up the date with Kenta, you would never have been put in this situation if it wasn’t for me.”

The pain the drug caused was nothing in comparison to watching Mina sob for you. Her entire body shook with each heave of air, clear snot ran out of her nose as the tears freely flowed down her face.

“Mina, this isn’t your fault, how could you have known,” You try to comfort her but she keeps shaking her head in denial at your words.

“Mina, I could try to call a host,” You pause, your entire lower body began to pulse. What the hell is that?

“What’s wrong?” Mina asked, her voice hoarse from crying.

The pulsing began to grow stronger, “I think I’m out of time,” You pant.

“Already!” Mina screeched. “You should have another five minutes, at least.”

You shook your head and rolled out of her lap, needing to get away from her touch before you did something you would regret. You only had a few more minutes before this fucking drug would take over. Tremors began to race through your body as the pulses migrated to your chest.

A cold hand rested itself on your forehead, You looked up into bright blue eyes, “Baby, do you have someone to help you through this, is there anyone I can call for you.” He said, his eyes full of pain.

You shook your head, not trusting yourself to just open your mouth and beg him to help. If he would be seen taking you home all your hard work to protect him would have been for nothing.

Shoto lowered himself to his knees and pulled you into his lap. “Look, I know we didn’t end on the best terms, but if you want me to help baby I have no problem getting you through this.”

“You can’t,” You weakly protest, trying to ignore his intoxicating scent. God, you used to love burying your nose in his neck while he fucked you, his left side smelling like a warm bonfire. Wait. Where in the hell did that thought come from?

He pulled you in closer and slipped his hand under your chin, moving your head out from its hiding place. He looked down at you his mouth now inches from yours, pure torture. “Baby, I can’t sit by and watch you suffer, please let me help you. I promise I’ll leave you alone tomorrow if that’s what you want.”

“You don’t understand,” You sob, the pulsing now growing into something much more sinister. “I can’t let you help me.” You needed to get out of his arms now, your mind was growing too weak to keep secrets.

His eyebrows scrunched together, “What don’t I understand?”

“You can’t help, if he sees you with me it will all be for nothing. Please just leave, I’ll be ok I promise.” You try to shimmy out of his arms back onto the pavement but his hold on you tightens like a vise.

“If who sees me with you?” Shoto’s body began to shake, you could feel his left arm begin to grow warmer for the second time tonight. This is not good, you said too much.

“Did I say he, I meant if the new papers saw us it would be a PR nightmare.” You lie pathetically.

“You know I always wondered why you broke up with me,” Shoto stood, his arms going under your knees, “For weeks I agonized about what I did wrong, wondering how I let the best thing in my life become the one that got away.”

He pulled you close to his chest giving you nowhere to run, “What did he say to you baby?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You pant, the pulsing in your chest began to spread. You rub the sore tissue with your hands, but it only grew worse. Your nipples beaded, now rubbing against fabric covering your chest.

“Don’t play dumb with me, not right now.” Shoto leaned his head down to your ear, “What did my father do to take you away from me?”

“Look all he did was set me straight, he said nothing but the truth,” You wiggle your body to try and escape his ironclad hold. “Now put me down.”

He ignored you and turned to Mina, “I’m taking him back to my place, I’ll keep you updated.” Without a warning his ice quirk activated, propelling you both down the street.

“Shoto, stop please!” You pound your fists into his chest. “Don’t be stupid, just put me down before anyone sees us together. I’ll be fine on my own.”

“The only lie I want to hear from your mouth right now is the one my father told you,” He growled.

You snap your mouth closed, there is no way you will be able to get through to him right now. God you and your big mouth ruin everything. The lack of talking left you with no distraction to the wetness that now leaked from your tip. A sharp stabbing sensation jolted through your dick and up into your abdomen, you gasp and shove your head into Shoto’s shoulder.

“Shh, baby, we are almost at my place,” He cooed.

“I can’t” you sob into his shoulder. “I can’t be the one to ruin you.” How could you let this happen, reduce yourself to a blubbering horney mess begging the man of your dreams to put you down when all you wanted was for him to never let you go.

The ice under Shoto’s feet stopped, he dropped his feet to the pavement in front of his lavish apartment building entrance. As he walked in the entrance he whispered into your ear, “If you think for one second that after hearing that I am just going to let you go you’re crazy.”

He jogged through the empty lobby and pushed the button for the elevator. His penthouse apartment was one of the first things he bought after he had proposed, the small studio you two had shared had been too accessible to the nosey press dying to catch a glimpse of the infamous couple.

The elevator door dinged open, Shoto stepped inside before the doors behind him closed. “Almost there, baby.”

The elevator ride was short, the building had spared no expense for the private elevator made specially for those on the top three floors. The stainless steel doors slid open leading into a short hallway with two doors, there were only two apartments on the top floor.

Shoto removed the hand behind your back for a few seconds to scan his hand to open the thick metal front door. He walked in, kicking the door closed behind him.

Walking down the hallway to what was once your shared bedroom he uses his elbow to open the door. The western bed he had bought for you sat in the middle of the room, the decorations you picked out still adorning the dresser, it was like you had never left.

He dropped you onto the soft bed, the smooth silk of the duvet covering felt heavenly against your oversensitive skin.

He looked at you from the foot of the bed, his expression blank. He was driving you crazy. His unwavering need for you could become addicting if you let it. With every breath, the effects only grew worse. Your nipples ached and dick throbbed, just begging for his touch.

“Shoto, please, think about this,” You had to get him to understand the mistake he was about to make before your willpower disappeared.

His blue eyes grew darker, “Baby, it seems you have forgotten a rule.”

He sank to his knees and wrapped his hand around your ankle. Without giving you time to protest he drags you down until your hips are balanced on the edge of the bed. The shirt Mina had given you rode up your chest exposing you to his view.

“When you’re on this bed, under me, you don’t get to make demands.” He trailed his hands up your thigh, “Only naughty boys make demands and you want to be my good boy, don’t you?” He peered up at you his eyes wide with false innocence as his calloused hands dragged your pants to your ankles.

“That’s not fair,” You whine at the same time your hands reached down to cover your exposed sex.

Shoto tsked in displeasure, “You know better than to hide from me.” His strong fingers grabbed the soft flesh of your thighs and lifted them over his shoulders.

He tapped his left hand against your hands, “I’m going to give you to the count of three to move.”

“You can’t be serious!” You yell in shock.


“Shoto, come one, this is ridiculous.”

He places a sloppy kiss on your inner thigh, “Two.”

“Shoto, we need to think rationally about this, if your father finds out that we did this he will be furious.” You try to reason pathetically.


With a soft whine you obeyed, leaving yourself wide open. Shoto could do anything he wanted, and you would be helpless to stop him. Overwhelmed at the thought you tuck your face into your elbow.

“You so fucking hard baby,” He purred. His thumbs swiped over your sensitive tip, “Made a mess of yourself too.” He continued, his tone soft. “If I let you stay all wet like this you could catch a cold.”

A muffled moan was all you could respond with. This was a mistake, but you could not even remember why, the haze of lust had finally settled in. You force yourself to relax, letting your weight rest onto him.

“That’s my good boy,” He praised, his mouth twisting into a grin before he lowers it to hover over your cock, his warm breath caressing the tender flesh.

You bite back a moan as you felt his wet, hot tongue drag across your thigh, coating the skin with his saliva. With a growl he turns his attention to your throbbing balls, first sucking in the right into his mouth. He swirls the heavyweight with his tongue before repeating the action with the left.

“Mhm, much better,” He muttered, his pointer finger slid over your soaking slit. “But it seems I missed a spot.”

All you could see was the top of his head as his tongue swiped up your dick. Its slightly rough texture slid up and down the side of your shaft sending an immediate rush of pleasure through your body. You let out a loud whine and dug your fingers into his hair, needing something, anything, to hold onto.

“So needy,” He chastised.

“Shoto, more please.” You beg, pushing his face back down desperate for more, pride long forgotten.

“What did I say about demands?” His right hand teased your entrance, “But I suppose I can make an exception this time because you asked so nicely.”

He closed his lips around the head and sucked at the same time two fingers circled your entrance. Wanton moans tricked from your lips as you tried to comprehend the pleasure being forced from your body.

With a pop, he released you from his mouth, “I’ve missed you on my tongue, you’re so fucking delicious,” He mumbled against you, sending shivers down your spine. Abandoning your dick his tongue joined his fingers to swirl around your entrance.

“So fucking perfect,” He growled, the tip of his tongue slipping into your tight heat. Distracted by his tongue your body relaxed enough to allow him to slowly slip the tip of his finger into your ass.

“A-ah!” You yelp at the intrusion. The finger froze, giving you time to adjust to the intrusion before slowly pushing the rest of the way inside.

He looks up at you, his eyes lit with happiness as he opens you up for him. Your grip on his hair tightens as he nuzzles at the base of your dick with his nose.

“Fuck,” You whimpered. You slam your eyes closed, the sight of him working you open too much for your brain to process. You buck your hips, needed to escape the consuming pleasure before there was nothing left of you.

Shoto was having none of that behavior, he added another finger to your ass, forcing you to take what he had to give. His tongue moved back to your dick and he groaned creating vibrations.

He was relentless, the fingers inside your ass curled up and started to pulse against that sweet spot inside you. You saw stars, it took everything inside you not to blackout from the pleasure, you were so close.

“Shoto, please,” You pleaded shamelessly, desperate for release.

“Cum for me baby,” He ordered at the same time, activating his quirk to create contrasting temperatures in each finger. You were helpless but to obey him. The tight rope wound up inside you snapped, sending you into bliss.

You thrashed your head and covered your mouth with your hand as the orgasm ripped through you. It was as if you had touched a live wire. Every muscle in your body taunts as bursts of pleasure tore through you. Your back lifted off the bed as Shoto mercilessly fucked you with his fingers ignoring your pleas for mercy as he swallowed your release.

“Too much,” you whine incoherently, “Please, too much.” Your vision grows white as the pleasure spreads through your body.

Shoto reluctantly slowed the thrusts of his fingers and the brutal waves inside you finally receding leaving you with small aftershocks. You heave in air, your skin covered in perspire, the pain of the drug long forgotten.

“I love feeling your tight ass cum on my fingers,” He purred.

You could only give a soft humph in response, your mind still floating away. Shoto let out a small chuckle and rose to cover your body with his, stopping on the way to pepper kissing on your exposed skin. He hooked his finger under the bunched material of your shirt and tugged it the rest of the way off your body.

“Don’t get sleepy on me now, I’m far from finished with you,” His mouth twisted into a sinister grin before it closed around the soft peak of your nipple. The tip of his tongue turned ice cold and circled around the stiffening peak. With his long fingers he pinched your other nipple. Your hands slide into his hair, petting the back of his head as he pleasured you.

You look down to watch only to realize he was still fully clothed in his hero uniform. You tug on his vest, “I want to see you too.”

With one last lick he freed your nipple from his mouth and stood up. Lifting his shirt over his head he exposed his smooth abs. His pants sat low on his hips giving you a hint of his happy trail before he unzipped the fireproof material freeing his thick erection.

You shutter, if you hadn’t already had it inside you before you would have never been able to believe he could fit inside you.

“You look so fucking sexy on my bed,” He grabbed under your knees and pushed them open and back. “I’m going to fuck you now, any complaints?”

You shook your head, needing him inside you. His eyes narrowed as he grabbed his cock and lowered it to nudge your entrance. You couldn’t look away as you watched him slowly disappear inside you. You suck in a deep breath and try to bear down to ease his entrance but there was no stopping the slight burn as he stretched you wide open.

A low groan left Shoto as he filled you inch by inch, only stopping when he finally was fully seated inside you. He leaned over and attached his lips to yours, his hair ticking your forehead.

Holy shit

Your legs trembled as your mind tried to catch up with everything going on.

“Fuck, baby. You’re so fucking tight around me,” Shoto stuttered against your lips. “I’ll never get enough of this, of you.” His hips lifted off yours and started to shallowly thrust.

He softly took your face in his hands, “I’m never letting you go again; do you understand? I watched you walk away from me once and spent months waiting desperately for you to come back. There is nothing that bastard can do to me that is worse than losing you.”

Damn him for playing dirty and starting the talk while he was inside you, your eyes grow wet and heavy but you nod in agreement, never wanting to be apart from him again.

“That’s my good boy,” He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead. “Always taking care of me, just relax this time, let me take care of you.”

His eyes never leave yours as he starts to pick up the pace of his thrusts. The low moan you were releasing turned to soft whimpers as he drags his cock in and out, each thrust deep and deliberate.

He captures your lips with his, licking the seam of your mouth with his tongue until your mouth, letting his tongue slip inside. His warm lips are a stark contrast to the coolness of his tongue. You tried to move your mouth in sync with his but in the end, you could only lie there as Shoto explored your mouth. Your mind grew blank, unable to focus on anything but his touch, even forgetting to breathe, who needs air when you could have Shoto.

His other rests its palm underneath your belly button and gradually presses down, “I can feel my cock inside you,” He groaned, his voice low and gravely. You slam your eyes shut, overwhelm at his words. Each tantalizing thrust of his brought you closer to nirvana but it just wasn’t enough.

“Shoto, more,” You demand, rules be damned.

His thrusts slowed to a stop, “Oh, so that’s how you think this is going to go?” He grabs your arms and pulls you up into his arms and sits on the bed with your things now resting on his.

“If you want more so bad, take it.” His voice had a joking bite to it.

You swallow the knot in your throat and nod, two could play at that game. You use your abdominal muscles to move your hips up and down. You smirk down at him, watching his eyes dilate as you dick bounced against his stomach. Unable to resist the temptation he closes his hand around your shaft and moves his hand in time with your thrusts.

“You feel so good inside me,” You whine. Dragging your hand down to where you were joined you use a finger to rub the tip of your dick, desperate for release.

You could feel the cord inside you begin to fray, you grab his face and press him closer to your chest, as it all grew too much. You come with his name on your lips, your head was thrown back as the orgasm rips through you. Your entire world growing white as every cell in your body sang praise for Shoto.

Shoto grabbed your hips and forced you to keep grinding against him as you rode through your high, making each wave stronger than the last. It wasn’t long before his deep moan filled your ears, his dick pulsing inside you as he came. You hole clenching around you, milking each drop of cum from him.

Shoto falls back to the bed, having you lay on his chest as you both catch your breath, not wanting to break the connection. You had never felt more connected to anyone in your life.

His cool fingers trail up and down your spine. As the world slowly came back into focus you could make out Shoto’s whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

“My sweet baby, so good for me, so perfect.” He whispers, his voice hoarse.

You had no idea how long you laid on his chest, his hands gently scratching your back as he continued to praise you. His hands eventually landed on your hips and he tenderly lifted you, sliding out from you. A weak cry slips from your mouth at the broken connection.

“Shh, I’m not going anywhere,” He assures before wrapping his arms around your waist. You could feel his cum begin to leak out of your abused hole, but you were too tired to care about the mess it made.

You nuzzled your head into his shoulder, his left side like a space heater eliminating the need for a blanket. You hummed with happiness from the warmth and snuggled in more. It was like you were floating on cloud nine.

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