After All of This Time (2022)

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warnings: smut, fingering, mature language

a/n: i kinda really hate how the ending turned out but, i hope you guys like it

genre: angst, fluff/smut

gender/pronouns: fem reader

summary: Druig comes back to find you so he can confess his feelings, but he is afraid he has lost you to another man after all these centuries.

18+ explicit content, minors DNI, smut below the cut

After All of This Time (1)

After all the eternals split in Babylon, you didn’t know what to do. The other eternals knew what they wanted, knew where they wanted to go, knew what they wanted to do. All you had ever done was help people, and keep humanity safe. That was all you ever knew. So for centuries after that, you had switched around different places, usually very secluded places, never really finding out how you wanted to live out your eternal life. That is until the Avengers came around. Once you heard about them, you knew you wanted to be apart of them. You wanted to help save the world again, and keep humanity safe. So you did, you met them, told them about yourself, about your powers, and that you were an eternal. And of course, they wanted you on the team. You fit in right away, becoming friends with them all. But, you were the closest to Bucky Barnes. He came around a few years after you had became an Avenger. When Steve and Natasha found him again, they brought him back. He was secluded in his room at the compound for awhile, much of the team were scared of him at first. It was true, 10 words could trigger him to become very dangerous, the Winter Soldier. So at first, the team stayed away from him, except for Steve, and Bucky stayed away from the team, scared that he would hurt all of them. Though, about a month after he had been there, you finally went to talk to him. You knocked on his door.

“Steve?” Bucky called from inside.

“No, it’s y/n.” You answered.

There was a long silence. You assumed that he was shocked at the fact that someone else rather than Steve was coming near him.

“Can I come in?” You asked, trying to break the silence.

“U-Uh, um, yeah.” Bucky stuttered wearily, opening the door.

You walked in the room.

(Video) Rodney Crowell - After All This Time

“What do you need?” He asked.

“Nothing, I just thought I’d come and talk to you. Nobody else except for Steve really has.” You told him.

Bucky nodded wearily.

And from there, the two of you became best friends. You two told each other everything. Bucky told you about Hydra, his nightmares, and his fear of becoming the Winter Soldier again and hurting everyone he loves. You told him about your life as an eternal, all the things you had seen and done, all the deviants you had killed, and all the people you had saved. You also told him something very personal to you, Druig, no one else knew about him. You told Bucky how there was always this unspoken thing between the two of you, and how you loved Druig, though you never knew if he loved you. It hurt you to see him walk away that day in Babylon without you. You wanted to go with him so badly, live your life with him, though that’s not how it happened. He only sent you a glance before he walked out that night, and you had never seen him since.

That is until 3 days ago. Druig had found you. You were sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast with Natasha and Bucky, when Tony walked in with a face you knew all so well, it was Druig.

“He said he knew you?” Tony told you, looking at Druig, and then back to you.

“Yeah, I know him.” Was all you managed to say as you got up and walked towards him, Tony went back to whatever he was doing previously.

Druig stared at you, the faintest smirk crossing over his lips.

“H-How did you find me?” You asked in disbelief.

“Well, I hope that it hasn’t been so long that you forgot that I can read minds.” He teased you lightly.

You smiled at that. “So, you read my mind to find out that I was here?” You expected your reuniting with him to be more tense, more awkward, after all of these years of withheld feelings for him. Yet, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. As soon as your eyes met again it seemed that the world fell back in place, that everything that had felt off all of these centuries had finally been fixed by just a look in the eye.

Druig nodded. “Took me a little longer than I expected.”

Bucky stared at you two from his place in the kitchen.

“What brought you back to me after all these years?” You questioned, tilting your head a bit.

“Well, I-” Druig started, but quickly got cut off by Bucky.

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“Who is this?” Bucky asked, putting a hand on your shoulder from behind. Druig glared at Bucky, quickly glancing at how he had put a hand on your shoulder.

You looked with concern at how Druig glared at Bucky. You could feel the tension between the two of them.

“Bucky this is Druig, Druig this is my friend Bucky.” You quickly explained, trying to break the tension between them.

Druig nodded, though he didn’t believe that Bucky was just your friend. Not by the way he grabbed your shoulder when he came around you. Druig had lost you hadn’t he?

You insisted that he stayed at the compound with you for a few days. And everything was going well, until Bucky walked in a room that the two of you were in. Suddenly the room would feel tense and awkward, the conversation would stop, and the two of them would just keep sending glares to each other. Though you would try to keep the conversation between the two of you going, neither of you could focus on it. Druig being too busy sending glares to Bucky, and you being too worried about the heavy tension between the two of them. Druig had no doubt in his mind that you and Bucky were dating, or at least in love. But, you kept referring to Bucky as only a friend. Why were you lying to him about your relationship with Bucky? He kept away from questioning you about it, until tonight, when the two of you were in your room.

“Why are you lying to me?” Druig asked.

You turned around from closing the door.

“What?” You asked, confused.

“I said why are you fucking lying to me?” He repeated, more rough.

“What are you talking about?” You questioned.

“You know what the hell I’m talking about.” Druig spat.

“Well, I’m telling you I don’t.” You sassed.

“You’re dating Bucky, and you’re lying to me about it.”

“Why the hell would I lie about that?” You asked, angered.

“I don’t know, that’s what I’m trying to figure out.”

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“I’m not dating Bucky.” You yelled.

“Stop lying to me!” Druig yelled back.

“I’m not fucking lying to you Druig.” you breathed.

“Yes you fucking are. If you two aren’t dating, why does he always have his hand on you when I come near you? Why is he always glaring at me?” Druig questioned angrily.

“I don’t know. Why does it matter so fucking much to you anyways!?” You screamed.

“Because I love you.” He blurted, his eyes widening once he had realized what he had said.

You stopped in front of him. You opened your mouth to speak, but nothing came out. After all of these centuries of keeping your love for him secret, he loved you all this time as well.

“You love me?” You spoke softly.

Druig nodded slowly, your eyes connecting.

“This entire time…” You said, pressing your forehead against his.

“I’ve held in my feelings for you, to keep from what we had. But, it turns out that you have loved me all this time too.” You continued, wrapping your arms around his neck, a single tear falling from your eye.

“I’ve loved you since we came here.” Druig whispered.

“Really?” The tears were fully falling now.

He nodded. “Let me show you how much I love you.” Druig told you, pushing you back to lay on the bed, so you did.

You watched as he shimmied off his jacket and throwing off his shirt. Druig got on the bed, hovering over you. He leaned down, kissing you for the first time, and it felt like the universe had finally aligned. Druig pulled away, both of you smiling.

(Video) Live in the Morgue: Sturgill Simpson, "Time After All"

“That’s all I ever wanted.” You spoke.

“Me too.” He answered.

Druig caught your lips into his own once again, making it more heated this time. He then turned his attention to your pussy. Druig lifted the dress up a bit. He started rubbing his finger along your clothes folds. You let out a whimper, and he applied more pressure.

“Druig, please.” You breathed.

He pulled your panties off, throwing them to the side somewhere. Druig ran his finger along your folds again, gathering some of the slick, before fully pushing a finger inside of you. You let out a moan as he continued to push his finger in and out of you.

“Druig, I want you inside of me.” You told him, trying to control your breath.

“I know m’love, I’m just trying to get you prepped.” He explained, you nodded.

And shortly after, it was time, the moment you had been waiting for your entire life. Druig lined himself up at your entrance. He looked at you for permission, you gave him a nod, and that was all it took. Before you knew it he was easing himself into you, a whimper escaping your lips as he did so. Druig finally inserted himself all the way.

“You ready?” He asked you.

“I always have been.” You replied.

Druig nodded, finally starting to thrust. You arched your back. His thrusts were slow and soft, yet not too soft, it was perfect.

“Does that feel good?” Druig asked.

You nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck. Druig caught your lips in his, kissing you.

“Why did we wait so long for this?” He groaned.

“I don’t know, I wish we did it sooner though.” You whispered.

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“Me too.”


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Crowell was having a normal day when his memory suddenly went missing for four hours, a condition known as transient global amnesia.

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"After All" is a 1989 Billboard Hot 100 hit song performed as a duet by American singers Cher and Peter Cetera, released on February 21, 1989, by Geffen Records. It was used as the love theme for the movie Chances Are and was nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards 1989.

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Why does Dumbledore say after all this time? ›

Then, Dumbledore asked, "After all this time?" I think he was asking whether Snape had this Patronus for the 17 years Lily was dead, whether it changed, whether his loyalty to Lily ever wavered. "Always," Snape responded. Snape has cared for Lily since knowing her.

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Snape's response 'Always' to Dumbledore reveals that Severus Snape was and always will be in love with Harry Potter's mother, Lily Potter. In doing so, he is also revealing his true intentions and allegiance. Read to learn the true significance of this quote.

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For the uninitiated Harry Potter reader, “always” is how Professor Severus Snape explains to Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows why his patronus was a doe, which was the same shape Lily Evans' (Harry's mother) patronus took. Here's an excerpt from the book: From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe.

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