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Starting Our Journey

Its a huge fantasy to see her do this with a bull.

First a little about us. We are a happy white couple in our early 40’s (both separated from our respective spouses) with a very active sex life.

Just recently, Jayne agreed to cuckold me. We had discussed the fantasy at length for the last year or so and explored it online and used it in bed to good effect. Obviously we were both unsure (Jayne a lot more so) but a couple of positive experiences have settled us down. I’d like to focus here on why I wanted it so much and how we ended up taking the plunge.

  1. Explore my submissive side – It seems ridiculous now but I never realised this untilI read it here. I’d fantasised about be being cuckolded by a fit hung young bull, about eating cream pies and cleaning her breasts after her bull had cum on them but I never realised that this was me exploring my submissive desires. I have all sorts of fantasies that are clearly submissive but because none of them involved bondage / spanking etc it never occurred to me it was sub behaviour.
  2. When I was making love to Jayne I found myself desperate to see us doing it. But how do you that? Video didn’t seem the right way (Jayne would hate it) and mirrors wern’t going to work either. The thought of watching her have sex was so erotic but I couldn’t do it unless …..
  3. Probably most importantly, I think Jayne is the most amazing person and has an amazingly sexy body to go with it. Clearly, she’s not a playboy model but I think she’s gorgeous and, like a lot of women, she has one or two body confidence issues. If we got nothing else out of cuckolding otherthan Jayne feeling even a little better about herself then I would consider that a win.
  4. Lets not play games; fit girls have fit partners. If Jayne can attract a fit young guy then, by association, I’m not too bad looking. It’s not thatI want to play as well. But it feels good having a girlfriend guys think is hot.
  5. We have great sex and lots of it. But that’s not to say it couldn’t be better. Put it this way, after or last meeting, from the guy leaving on Saturday afternoon to Sunday evening we had 7 orgasms between us. And the quality was there to, trust me. He played a huge part in that even though he’d gone home.

Jayne took a lot of persuading but we do have a very strong relationship and I am extremely confident. We talked a lot and took it very slow. I use the analogy of going for a swim (in the chilly UK sea). Edging in slowly, getting used to it before going any further until you decide you’re in far enough or you’re ready to take the plunge. I also reassured Jayne that some of the extreme ends of the scene did not interest me and that we wouldn’t do anything that both of us weren’t in agreement about. Just because someone else wants to be denied for months on end doesn’t mean you have to. We’ll define our own cuckold relationship the waywe want to.

More about our first couple of meets another time.

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A new cuck explains | Cuckold Marriage Info (3)


Couple in our early 40's developing cuckold fantasies. Had a couple of experiences and looking for more. Please see our posts under southwestcple on this site for more.

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    1. A new cuck explains | Cuckold Marriage Info (8)

      goodchoiceon May 2, 2013 at 1:40 AM

      Reply to New Cuck’s Explaination.
      The cuckold experience, for both the husband and the wife, can have many variations. “New Cuck” explains that he and his wife do as they want.
      And, Luvr himself has said that there is no set formula that a couple must follow.
      I agree. A couple must do what their desire tells them. An intelligent couple will talk this out, and talk it out again, and again. I brought it up to my wife. I suggested that she be with another man. We listened to what was being said and what was written. We looked at the web. And some of what we saw was not for us. As “New Cuck” explains above in his writing; a couple must do as they please between them. We have listened to suggestions and what others say works for them. Of course, I try to defer to my wife! I want her to have the best pleasure that she can obtain. But as “New Cuck” suggested no one need follow a particular practice (he mentioned denial) which the couple does not enjoy. My wife simply gets more pleasure from sex with others, rather than with me. I totally love her. but, I could tell that she was not fully satisfied when we had sex. She was good enough to tell me the truth. I felt ashamed of myself (for waiting so long to bring it up while she was putting up with me) and actually I did something about it. She and I hold no interest in some of what we hear about. So we pick what we like. Just knowing that she likes something a certain way causes me to want it too. I am devoted to her. When I was studying for my profession she was by my side. While I studied she was the “bread-winner”. She helped play for my schooling so student loans were kept to a minimum. I only needed to attend class and study. In so many ways she has proven her loyalty. She has been a team player. I need to be the same way. And so…..how could I not care about her pleasure. About a year ago, many years of marriage, we had our first cuckold experience. So far, I have watched most of the time; but, there have been a few experiences in which I “waited”. She decides. Some of what we read/heard about is great. I will comment on a few things that we have heard, and read about, and then tried. These things which I will mention here have added to the charm of our cuckold marriage. Yes, charm! Firstly, enough cannot be said about helping ones spouse/gf get ready for another man (thanks Luvr). What a great way for the couple to be involved with intimatcy. It is like foreplay. And it helps me fight the cuckold angst. Perhaps this is better put, it helps me to accept the cuckold angst. For me, helping her prepare is a way of preparing myself also. I find that the preparation process has the flavor of “creation”; I am helping to create a wonderful pleasure experience for her and for her lover. And yes, for me too. But, the preparation process also helps me sort out the individuals feelings that are part of cuckold angst. During this process, I really feel in touch with feeling humiliation. As the process proceeds I feel more and more humiliated. And I feel the jealousy, little by little. And she and I see that thru this “getting ready process” this “preparation process” my erection stays and stays. This helps us both. For one it shows my wife that, yes, I really do want this; and, that there is no need for her to feel guilty. And it shows me that I can deal with my feelings of humiliation and shame and jealousy; and, use them to help me feel the unique and somewhat unpopular and special sexual feelings of a cuckold. My erection speaks volumes. And as every man knows, it feels good having an erection. As the process proceeds I have even found my erection to leak. And my wife takes this as a further sign of my wanting to be a cuckold. When my penis shows signs of leakage or swelling my wife enjoys talking to me, more intensly, about her lover and how much she enjoys him, or, she may just talk about my small size , or, how she so enjoys when I am real friendly to her lover(s) or some other compelling subject. As part of this process, I love helping her with the appliication of her make-up, her purfume and helping with her hair. I think of her being with her lover. And think about their pleasure together. If she and he have made love before, I think of how much she enjoys his cock. I compare in my mind, my penis to his large cock. And I deeply feel my envy. I will think deeply about his cock. And, I will be thinking of how I want to see his large cock. And I can, during this preparation process tell her how I feel. I will tell my wife how I feel about my penis, and, how I know his cock is superior and can tell her that any female would enjoy being with him more than with me. When I touch her with purfume near her breasts I think of him placing a kiss on that spot. And I can tell her to enjoy his kisses. Another suggestion, which is talked up, is the husband (or bf) accompanying the female when she is going to meet a new guy. If it is someone from online, or from a recomendation, we go together and meet him in a public place. No sex occurs the first time. And after meeting him we discuss (just she and I) how we like him. While I do defer to her, this still helps in many ways. If I am really, really against her being with him, I will voice it and she is okay with that and will go along (I will not say anything unless I really feel/know that something is not right). When we meet a new guy, it is very humbling for me. Again, I feel the humiliation. And as I see them talking I feel the jealousy. As I become left out of their conversation I feel excited. And I feel my penis pressing my underwear. Again, my erection speaks. As my viewing her and him getting to know one another I am reminded of our first time meeting. I see the young girl again that I knew. That first date which we had is an intense flashback. I see her excitement, as I see them together in conversation, and I am reminded of my failure as her sex partner. If I had any doubt that I should let her be with others, seeing her with a new gentleman of interest, or perhaps I should say, her new stud of interest, lets me know in no uncertain terms, that my wife needs her freedom and that no matter how affected I may feel by my cuckold angst, I need to go along with it. As part of my meeting her new/potential lover; we both enjoy that my wife wants me to tell her potential lover, that I am okay with this, and that I actually want her to be with another man. Knowing I need to explain this to him and that I will trying to help him feel comfortable…..produces angst, just by itself. But, with angst comes excitement. It is like a circle. Angst and excitment. If my wife and the new candidate should hold hands, or kiss, during this first meeting, this is mind blowing, but, their first hello was mind blowing for me too. So, my going with her to their first meeting is a must for us. We have taken this suggestion.
      Next…..My wife does not deny me sex as is often advocated, except that, she will suggest a day or two, or three, or four, or five days, before being with someone else, that we do not have intercourse or oral (yes she breaksdown and wants me to do this to her). This period of no intercourse, and no oral for me, is very exciting. And, she asks me not to masturbate during this time. Nor, does she want outer-course during this time period. And she does not masturbate. But, as many know, the angst can run deep. I will have thoughts of asking her not to be with any one else again, ever. But, I have never uttered those words. I love her too much. I truly want to be a cuckold, that is, her cuckold. My wife and I know what works. And I know what she needs and what she wants. So if someone thinks a cuckold should drink ocean water before his wife has sex with another man……well I will need to ask my wife what to do.

    2. A new cuck explains | Cuckold Marriage Info (10)

      ukhub_timon October 31, 2012 at 9:56 AM

      Nice article, thanks for sharing.

      • A new cuck explains | Cuckold Marriage Info (11)

        Carolon August 10, 2014 at 4:32 AM

        It took us a great deal of time to develop thru through the various phases and issues so we could develop strong marital bonds between cuckold and hotwife when very active and intense relationship bulls where involved in our marriage


    What is a CUCK woman called? ›

    cuckquean (KUK-wean) n. a female cuckold.

    What is the term cuckolding? ›

    If a man is cuckolded, his wife has a sexual relationship with another man.

    What does cuckold mean in politics? ›

    Some observers, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, say that the term's usage was rising among white supremacists in the United States as of August 2015. The term "cuckold" has a long history as an insult implying that a specific man is weak and emasculated, and may even feel pleasure at his own humiliation.

    How do you spell cuckquean? ›

    Cuckquean is the gender-opposite of cuckold. The correct pronunciation of cuckquean in English is cuhk-queen. Cuckquean is often mispronounced because of its spelling, which leads to think that "quean" is pronounced phonetically. However, "quean" is pronounced like its homophone "queen".

    What are bull relationships? ›

    So, in a cuckold relationship. You have the queen (the woman) the cuck (the male in the relationship) and a bull (the outside male that has sex with the queen while the cuck watches)


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