10 Of Netflix’s Scariest Original Series, Ranked (2022)

Streaming serviceNetflix has been on a roll lately with the original series it has put out, and many of them have gotten good reviews and even renewals. Fans of horror that love scaring themselves until they can’t sleep at night might have their interest peaked with some of Netflix’s original series. While some of the series are more creepy than scary, Netflix has something for horror fans of all kinds.

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From zombie outbreaks to murderous houses and classic monsters, Netflix’s horror line up just keeps growing. What makes their scariest original series so unique? They’ve produced series from all over the globe, giving viewers a chance to experience what horror looks like when made form other countries.


10/10 Locke & Key (2020-)

10 Of Netflix’s Scariest Original Series, Ranked (1)

One of Netflix’s more recent releases, gets its name from its source material. A graphic novel of the same name released in 2008. It follows the Locke family as they return to their family’s mansion after the death of their father. The mansion is full of magic keys that they soon begin to discover. However, evil lurks in the well outside and once its released, the Locke children much keep the keys safe.

While its source material is violent, terrifying, and disturbing, Netflix toned down the show to appeal to a younger audience. Certain scenes definitely have a creep factor to them, but overall the show focuses more on the magical elements of the story, rather than the terrifying.

9/10 Stranger Things (2016-)

10 Of Netflix’s Scariest Original Series, Ranked (2)

Without a doubt Netflix’s most popular series, Stranger Things brought back the nostalgic, science-fiction stories that center around a group of kids. Originally billed as a story about missing kid, Stranger Things took a quick turn when it introduced the demogorgons and the upside-down.

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While not entirely a horror series, the show has gotten progressively darker and more violent. Some scenes are enough to stick with you for a little while and give you chills before bed, namely the Will Byers “exorcism” scene. It definitely has a PG-13 horror vibe to it and could be considered scary for a good handful of people.

8/10 Chambers (2019-2019)

10 Of Netflix’s Scariest Original Series, Ranked (3)

Although canceled after one season, Chambers is worth the watch. It centers around a teenager that receives a heart transplant and begins to take on the traits of the donor, some dangerous and sinister. Chambers is full of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat.

It is far morethrilling and suspenseful than scary though, and you’ll be able to binge it all without being scared of the dark afterward. If you’re a fan of stories that give you a creepy and unnerving feeling, this is the show for you.

7/10 Hemlock Grove (2013-2015)

10 Of Netflix’s Scariest Original Series, Ranked (4)

Hemlock Groveis a horror series that pushes the envelope with “gross-out” horror, which makes sense as its producer was the controversial Eli Roth. Formed around a series of brutal murder mysteries and an unlikely friendship,Hemlock Groveis full of surprises.

Various mythological and famous monsters show up throughout the series, which is exciting for any fan of classic horror. While gruesome at times, the series is not as scary as you might expect. Instead, it utilizes gore and shock value to freak its viewers out and leave you with more questions than answers.

6/10 Ghoul (2018-)

10 Of Netflix’s Scariest Original Series, Ranked (5)

Only three episodes, Ghoul is an Indian horror series that takes place in a fascist, dystopian future. It follows a new military officer as she interrogates a high profile terrorist and discovers an evil entity possessing him. Political undertones are front-and-center in this miniseries, but the horror elements are lackluster.

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While more a drama-thriller than horror, it does deliver a few heart-pounding jumpscares throughout the series. There is also a sense of dread in the atmosphere of the show, which helps elevate the horror a bit more and leaves viewers worried about what will happen next.

5/10 Haunted (2018-)

10 Of Netflix’s Scariest Original Series, Ranked (6)

Released close to Halloween, Haunted is a docu-series that tells supposedly “true tales” through the eyes of the interview subjects. These tales range from ghost stories to demons, to serial killers and use reenactments to bring you into the stories and attempt to scare you.

Despite some backlash, the creators maintain that these stories are true and have not been fabricated. If you can push your suspension of disbelief to the side, you might enjoy the series. However, the reenactments acting is rough to watch and can easily take you out of the moment.

4/10 Kingdom (2019-)

10 Of Netflix’s Scariest Original Series, Ranked (7)

Kingdom is a South Korean horror series by Netflix that has garnered positive reviews from those that have watched it. Set during the 1500s, Kingdom follows a prince as he tries to save his kingdom from a mysterious plague that raises people from the dead.

With political subtext at the center of this zombie apocalypse, the series gives you a lot to think about while keeping you on the edge of your seat. The gore and carnage in the series are heavy, and, if you live in fear of the apocalypse, Kingdom really hits home and will freak you out.

3/10 Black Summer (2019-)

10 Of Netflix’s Scariest Original Series, Ranked (8)

Released last April, Black Summer is Netflix’s take on a zombie apocalypse survival story. If zombies scare you, this one is sure to make your bones chill a bit. It is as bare-bones as it gets, with none of the characters stopping to let you know what is going on. Instead, it throws you into the chaos and leaves you with an extremely high heart rate.

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While Black Summer is just another addition to the rapidly growing zombie genre, it does provide you with more scares than you might expect. The zombies aren’t slow, the characters aren’t meant to be overly developed, and you can feel how harrowing the situation really is.

2/10 Marianne (2019-)

10 Of Netflix’s Scariest Original Series, Ranked (9)

Marianne is Netflix’s French horror series about a troubled writer returning to her hometown to take on the evil witch she had created. It had once wreaked havoc upon the people she loved and threatened to do the same once again if she did not return.

French horror is known for having some disturbing imagery and well-done scares, and Marianne is no different. While there are cheesy transitions, the scares and storyline make it worth it. It’s a unique take on horror and witches and some of the imagery used will be burned into your brain forever.

1/10 The Haunting of Hill House (2018-)

10 Of Netflix’s Scariest Original Series, Ranked (10)

One of the most talked-about Netflix series of last year, The Haunting of Hill House was a game-changer for the horror market. Mike Flanagan knows how to craft a story, and by blending an intense family drama into the horror he created a show that is both terrifying and emotionally charged.

What makes this the scariest Netflix series though? The eerie atmosphere, well-deserved jump scares, and terrifying effects all culminate to give you a feeling of dread while watching it. Be sure to keep your eyes out for the hidden ghosts throughout the housetoo, they’ll be sure to give you a nightmare or even five.

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