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Artificial intelligence (AI) is not only affecting industries like business and healthcare. It is also playing an increasing role in the creative industries by ushering in a new era of AI-generated art. AI technologies and tools are often widely accessible to anyone, which is helping to create an entirely new generation of artists.

We often hear that AI is going to automate away or take over all human tasks, including those in art, film, and other creative industries. But this is far from the case. AI is a supplemental tool that artists can use to explore new creative territory.

These creative AI tools can be used by anyone to create art, which can often be turned into NFTs.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best AI art generators:

1. NightCafe

NightCafeis one of the big names in the world of AI art generators. It’s known for having more algorithms and options than other generators, but it’s also extremely easy for novice users to get the hang of.NightCafeis based on a credit system, but it has a generous free tier, and plenty of options to “earn” credits by participating in the community.You can also buy credits and use the code UNITEAI for a 5% discount.

Here are some of the main features ofNightCafe:

  • You own your creations
  • More algorithms than other generators
  • Lots of control for advanced users
  • Earn credits by participating in the community
  • Lots of social features, and a vibrant, helpful community
  • Organise your creations into collections
  • Bulk-download all your images
  • Create videos
  • Buy a print of your artwork

While the underlying algorithms are always changing across all the AI art generators listed here,NightCafe’s list of other features is what sets it apart.

Use code UNITEAI for 5% off all credit packs and PRO subscriptions onNightCafe.

Click Here to Visit NightCafe.

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2. DALL-E 2

Near the top of our list of 10 best AI art generators is DALL-E 2, which is an AI image generator developed by OpenAI. In just a few minutes, you can create highly realistic images with the AI.

DALL-E 2 is showing incredible potential. According to OpenAI, the tool can be used to create illustrations, design products, and generate new ideas for business.

DALL-E 2’s easy-to-use interface makes it possible for anyone to create high-quality images with AI. This means that not only professional artists will find value in DALL-E 2, but amateur artists can also use the tool.

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One of the best tools offered by DALL-E 2 is its paintbrush, which enables you to add details like shadows, highlights, and more to your image. Tools like the paintbrush allow you to create complex images with multiple layers, each one customized with its own properties.

Here are some of the main features of DALL-E 2:

  • Highly realistic images in minutes
  • Create illustrations
  • Design products
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customize multiple layers of image

3. Deep Dream Generator

Another one of the best AI art generators is Deep Dream Generator by Google. One of the most popular AI art generators on the market, Deep Dream is an online tool that enables you to create realistic images with AI.

Deep Dream relies on a neural network that was trained with millions of images. It is easy-to-use, only requiring you to upload an image before the tool generates a new image based on the original.

One of the main applications of Deep Dream is to use it to create artwork, since it uses different painting styles to generate images that appear to be from different places or periods of time.

The tool allows you to choose a category such as animals or landscapes before it creates a realistic image based on it. On top of all of this, Deep Dream allows you to choose three styles: Deep Style, Thin Style, or Deep Dream. After choosing a style, you can preview the image.

Here are some of the main features of Deep Dream:

  • Creates realistic images with AI
  • Neural network trained on millions of images
  • Different painting styles
  • Categories of images
  • Three separate styles

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4. Artbreeder

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One of the most well-known names among AI art generators is Artbreeder, which is an image quality enhancer. The tool enables you to produce different variations of an image through the use of machine learning.

You can create landscapes, anime figures, portraits, and various other works of art on a single platform. Some of the other tools include the ability to change facial features like skin color, hair, and eyes. You can also turn photos into animated figures.

Another top feature of Artbreeder is that it offers thousands of illustrations and allows you to manage them in folders. The results can then be downloaded in JPG or PNG format.

Here are some of the main features of Artbreeder:

  • Image quality enhancer
  • Produce different variations of an image
  • Landscapes, anime figures, portraits
  • Mange illustrations in folders
  • JPG and PNG formats

5. Big Sleep

One more AI image generator, Big Sleep creates realistic images from scratch. Like some of the other AI art generators, it is easy to use by anyone. It only takes a few steps to create one of the realistic images.

Big Sleep is based on Python, and it uses a neural network to carry out the image creation. After providing input data to the program, it outputs an image. It achieves this through a generative adversarial network (GAN).

With the GAN, the generator model creates the image while the discriminator model distinguishes between real and fake. This helps Big Sleep achieve highly realistic images over time.

Here are some of the main features of Big Sleep:

  • Realistic images from scratch
  • Easy-to-use
  • Based on Python
  • Utilizes GAN

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6. DeepAI

Founded in 2016, DeepAI was created with the goal of democratizing AI through open-source software. It offers various tools that can be used to create realistic images.

DeepAI enables you to create as many images as you’d like, and each one is unique. It is highly customizable, allowing you to change the amount of detail, colors, textures, and more. If you type an illustration, DeepAI can immediately generate a resolution-independent vector image.

Some of the other tools offered by DeepAI include StyleGAN and BigGAN, which can also create realistic images. The CartoonGAN tool enables you to turn the images into cartoons.

Here are some of the main features of DeepAI:

  • Open-source software
  • Various tools for creating realistic images
  • Change various details for each image
  • Create cartoons with CartoonGAN

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7. StarryAI

StarryAI is an AI art generator that allows you to turn the art into NFTs. It doesn’t require any input from the user. It can process images with a machine learning algorithm.

One of the best parts about StarryAI is that it gives you full ownership of the created images to be used personally or commercially. It acts as a free NFT generator, which is its main selling point. The technology is constantly improving, but there have already been incredible examples of art created with the app.

Here are some of the main features of StarryAI:

  • Automatic image generator
  • No user input
  • Text-to-image
  • Acts as free NFT generator


8. Fotor

Fotor is another one of the best AI tools for creating NFT art. It requires minimal effort, with the generator offering advanced AI tools to create art in minutes. It is also one of the most user-friendly tools for creating NFT art.

All you have to do is upload an image and select the style of art you want to apply to it. You can also create layers or add personal touches quickly and easily. The tool doesn’t require you to create an account to use the software or download the artworks.

Here are some of the main features of Fotor:

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  • Create NFT art quickly
  • Easy-to-use
  • Different styles and editing options
  • Does Not require account registration

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9. Runway ML

Runway ML allows you to generate images by training and using machine learning models. With the tool, you create models that generate realistic image styles in a variety of ways. On top of that, you can use Runway ML to create animations and 3D models.

If you want to create video projects, Runway ML includes a video editor tool that allows you to replace the background images of videos.

Some of the tools utilized by Runway ML include relative motion analysis, which allows it to analyze what you’re trying to do. It also has out-of-the-box object recognition, which helps you easily identify objects in images or videos.

Here are some of the main features of Runway ML:

  • Collaborate on projects
  • Generate realistic images
  • Create animations and 3D models
  • Video editor tool
  • Relative motion analysis

How To Use Animation Easing on Text and Video | Runway

10. WOMBO Dream

Closing out our list of 10 best AI art generators is WOMBO Dream, which is an AI NFT creator app developed by Canadian startup WOMBO. It is considered by many to be the best all-around NFT creator app.

Dream can transform existing photos into cartoons or faux paintings, as well as use a complex algorithm to turn words and phrases into unique works of art. The tool allows you to choose from a variety of art styles, or you can opt for futuristic landscapes.

Here are some of the main features of WOMBO Dream:

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  • Surreal designs
  • Free-to-use
  • NFT creator
  • Transform photos into cartoons
  • Various art styles

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Is there a free AI art Generator? ›

starryai is an AI art generator app. You simply enter a text prompt and our AI transforms your words into works of art. AI Art generation is usually a laborious process that requires technical expertise, we make that process simple and intuitive. starryai is available for free on iOS and Android.

What is the AI Generator everyone is using? ›

OpenAI has announced that its AI image generator DALL-E is now available without a waitlist and new users can immediately start creating images from text.

Can anyone use Dall-E 2? ›

Starting today (September 28), anyone can use DALL-E 2 to create AI-generated images and let their imaginations run wild. DALL-E 2 Outpainting feature and more are waiting for you to try them.

How do I get Midjourney? ›

Go to the Midjourney web page, click “Join Beta,” and join the Midjourney Discord server. Enter one of the newcomer rooms and type /prompt (your prompt here) to generate an image using AI.

What's the best AI art Generator? ›

Let's jump into the reviews!
  1. Jasper Art. Best All-in-One AI Art Generator. ...
  2. Nightcafe. Best for Easy Access. ...
  3. Stable Diffusion. Best for Image-to-Image Art. ...
  4. Photosonic. Best for Bloggers and Content Creators. ...
  5. DALL-E 2. Best for Generating Photorealistic Images. ...
  6. MidJourney. Best for Quality. ...
  7. Fotor GoArt. ...
  8. Deep Dream Generator.

Is Midjourney the best AI art? ›

Midjourney is one of the best AI art generator widely available for common users in 2022.

What is the best free AI art Generator? ›

If you want to create AI art from your writing, here are some of the best free AI text-to-image generators.
  • Nightcafe (Web): The Simplest Free Text-to-Image AI Converter. ...
  • Starry AI (Web, Android, iOS): Text to Image AI Art With Granular Control. ...
  • Dall-E Mini (Web): Get a Taste of the Famous OpenAI Dall-E.
11 Jun 2022

Can I sell AI generated art? ›

So, if you are an artist who uses AI to create your art, you have every right to sell it! However, it would be illegal for you to attempt to resell or copy the AI-generated artwork of another artist, as this would infringe on their copyright.

How do I turn a picture into AI art? ›

How to Generate AI Art Free? Fotor AI art generator provides some free art filters, users can use free art filters to create high-quality artworks. Simply click the button "Make Art Photo Now", upload your photo and choose an art filter to create your AI generated images. Try it out!

Will Dall-E 2 Be Free? ›

How much does DALL-E 2 cost to use? DALLE-2 was free during its first two months, but in July OpenAI began to charge for credits, which are needed to generate art on the platform. All first-time users get a bunch of free credits to use, but then just 15 free credits each month.

How much does Dall-E 2 cost? ›

And the cost? DALL-E 2 has adopted a credit system, giving users an initial 50 credits and then 15 per month. More credit can be bought at $15 for a block of 115.

Is DALL-E available to the public? ›

An artificial intelligence tool called DALL-E that's stunned with its ability to render text into realistic images is now available to the public. OpenAI, the Silicon Valley research lab behind the program, announced Wednesday it has dropped the waitlist to use the program.

Is DALL-E free? ›

So in this regard, DALL·E is free to use. If you run out of credits, you can buy additional credits in 115-generation increments, for $15 (equivalent to 460 images). For every prompt, DALL·E generates four new images. The Edit and Variations features generate three images.

Can I sell Midjourney art? ›

If you are using a free or a trial account for Midjourney, you are granted a Commons Noncommercial 4.0 Attribution International License, which means that you'd be able to use the images as long as you don't sell them or make money off them, and as long as you give credit (“attribution”) to Midjourney.

Does Midjourney cost money? ›

Midjourney is free for the first 25 prompts and queries (e.g., variations, upscales). You can use the bot by joining the Midjourney Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/midjourney. After you've used up all 25 prompts, you need to purchase a subscription plan to continue using the AI.

What is the best free AI generator? ›

Which is the best free AI image generator? If you are looking for an AI image generator to create good quality images without restrictions on features or picture quantity, Dream by Wombo is the ideal tool.

Is Artbreeder free? ›

Artbreeder is able to provide unlimited usage for free because of its (beloved) susbcribers.

How do I turn a picture into AI art? ›

How to Generate AI Art Free? Fotor AI art generator provides some free art filters, users can use free art filters to create high-quality artworks. Simply click the button "Make Art Photo Now", upload your photo and choose an art filter to create your AI generated images. Try it out!

Is Starry Ai free? ›

starryai is available for free on iOS and Android.


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